Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 32

Part 32

I'm now on the next chapter called "Marriage"

"Love is an ideal thing, marriage a real
thing; a confusion of the real and the ideal
never goes unpunished."

The first subchapter in this chapter is called "sacrifice"

Q. How does the predatory female reconcile
the wedding to her overall objectives?

A. The wedding is the triumphant victory
march of the predatory female and the public
neutering of the groom. He, like the sacrificial
victims of ancient civilizations, has even
been groomed for the ceremony. A predatory
female, being the consummate actress that she
is, may actually believe in her vows, but they
will soon become meaningless, rendered void
by the very conditions of the contract she is
locking the groom into. So we are left with
nothing more than a tedious pageant where
the bride, in collusion with the state, safety
wires the groom's genitalia to the marital

The next subchapter is called "What You See Is Not What You Get"

Q. What changes occur in the predatory
female after marriage?

A. This question is answered several times in
this chapter. A bride-to-be is a totally acquisitive
female with her chameleon talents in full
display. Her future husband will never be
treated as well again. In ten years she may
barely resemble the bride he remembers.

Q. How might she physically change?

A. Among the possibilities for bodily changes
(some of them horrible), gaining weight seems
to be very popular. A number of your larger
wives can't take a step forward without drop
kicking their stomachs with their knees.
Fortunately for today's husbands, there are
products available as anniversary or birthday
gifts to the larger wife. These include cans of
inner thigh grease and elastic sweat bands.
The sweat bands can be worn vertically
around the head and under the chin as jowl
supports. Another less expensive suggestion is
a box of Q tips.

Q. What are Q tips used for?

A. They are helpful during the hotter months
when some wives like to lift the folds on their
bellies and clean mold and other growths
from the crevices. Gasoline-soaked rags are
also recommended for the stubborn cases.

"A man marries hoping the woman won't
change; a woman marries hoping he will
— Unknown

The next subchapter is called "A Lifetime Haircut"

Q. How is the married predatory female like

A. The predatory female has a propensity for
weakening the man. This is an ongoing occurrence
in any relationship, but marriage provides
an ideal setting for the gradual siphoning
of his strength. A woman can cause so much
needless anxiety in a man that his health
suffers. He may become nervous, irritable,
and develop heart trouble. Her enfeebling
maneuvers provide her with a fiendish, subconscious
satisfaction. The crippling effects
of marriage, on men, are well known to her.
A married man often acts more subdued and
quiet when in the presence of his wife. She'll
sap his strength, gradually wearing him down
over the years in thousands of little, cumulative
ways, until she's the stronger. Years of
taking out the trash and picking up dog shit,
among countless other indignities, finally
break his spirit. The biblical account of Samson
and Delilah is germane to the male versus
the predatory female today. The cunning subtleties
of the predatory female in the acquisitive
mode are extremely dangerous, ergo
Delilah cajoles Samson into revealing the
secret to his strength. Later, like the man
lured into marriage, Samson was unaware his
strength had gone. He became a captive, was
ridiculed, and finally destroyed himself.