Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 31

Part 31

I'm now on the subchapter called "Mind And Body Control"

Q. How does the predatory female manipulate
your mind?

A. Although she will never say it outright, the
basic rule is that you are entitled to your views
as long as they agree with hers. Should a difference
arise, you are out of order. But it
doesn't end there. The absolute tyranny of the
predatory female extends to your actions. If
you do exactly what she wants you to, peace
and harmony rule. But the instant you stray
from the narrow path, the predatory female
will jerk on the old choke chain. If you aren't
married, she may find the other end empty. If
you are married, you get choked.

I'm now on the subchapter "Trial Run" (I got this excerpt engrave in the bottom of my blog as well.)

Q. Is it possible to sample real marriage without
the hideous commitment?

A. Fortunately, yes. Simply purchase a five
hundred pound Bengal tiger and keep it in the
back yard. Support it, feed it, and mount it.
See for yourself if you are cut out for married

The next sub chapter I'm covering is called "The Odyssey"

Q. Why do you describe dating as living the
Homeric epic?

A. Because as a single person, you are the
modern Odysseus. You will encounter, in one
form or another, Circe, Scylla, Charybdis,
sirens, and lotus eaters. Like Odysseus, you
may trifle with nymphs, but if you don't seek
the approbation of the gods, and occasionally
lash yourself to the mast, you will fall victim
to the most awesome, hypnotic creature
extant: The Predatory Female.