Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 30

Part 30

The next sub chapter is called "The Bitter End"

Q. I know when my girlfriend finally realizes
she's been dumped there will be a lot of bitterness
and maybe a scene.

A. The discarded predatory female can be at
once pathetic and dangerous. If possible, you
should engineer the final departure in a public
place with good egress. Normally, predatory
females are not good losers and don't handle
rejection well. This is because they rarely have
to deal with rejection. Further, since they invariably
want what they can't have, your
dumping her may only increase her desire to
"get you." In any case, be prepared for a
barrage of verbal abuse and complaints.
She'll recall her smallest dissatisfactions from
the infancy of the relationship. She may even
say you were no good from the outset, but
that she'd hoped to change you. Her friends
warned her about you and told her to dump
you a long time ago. She should have listened.
Much of what she says will approximate the
verbal rancor that marks the final hours of a

The next sub chapter is called "Expensive Furs"

Q. Should I mention my insights into the
character of predatory females when in the
company of same?

A. Does a chicken have lips? If you were
raising chinchillas, would you go out of your
way to upset them by rattling a stick against
their cages? An upset or nervous creature will
produce an inferior pelt. Be nice. Don't rankle
them by exposing their predatory natures.
You want the most for your dating dollar and
every minute with her costs money. Heckling
will only detract from her performance and
adversely affect the return on your

The next sub chapter is called "Five Faces"

Q. What are the five faces?

A. The ephemeral five faces of Eve are recalled
by many who have experienced long
relationships with predatory females. The
first face appears at the introduction.
Another one emerges while dating, and others
present themselves while living together,
marrying, and divorcing, respectively. Sometimes
the faces represent five different personalities.
Many divorced men are sending
monthly alimony checks to women bearing little
resemblance, physically or mentally, to the
ones they married.

The next sub chapter is called "The Grovel"

Q. When is the grovel appropriate?

A. Hardly ever, and only if you don't care
about the outcome. Groveling, especially an
abject grovel, only drives the female away. If
she senses you are doing it for fun, she may
become curious, but it isn't likely to change

Q. My girlfriend is seeing other men and giving
me the cold shoulder when I call. She acts
like a stranger and cuts the conversation short.
Should I grovel?

A. Never. You are finished, so forget her.
Ignore your male ego which is behind your
urge to grovel. Imitate the predatory female
who, being practically without ego, is almost
immune from groveling. You're better off
without her because, the fact is, you have indulged
yourself with this woman. Indulgence
is certainly permissible, but it's like an overpriced
dessert in a fancy restaurant. You can
pay the exorbitant charge once and still enjoy
it. But if you indulge yourself twice, it's never
as good the second time.