Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 29

Part 29

Im now on the sub chapter called "Diabolical Honesty"

Q. What if I resist the efforts of a predatory
female and she ultimately decides her time
was wasted?

A. Her feelings toward you will become
sharply ambivalent. On one hand she respects
you and on the other she hates you. A thwarted
acquisitive female will hate you, in a
nebulous, transitory fashion, and will probably
say so. Often it's just "I hate you,"
spoken at some opportune time.

Q. But isn't there a subdued hate that women
always entertain against the men they're involved

A. Yes, one way or the other, she'll always
hate you. If she can control you, she'll hate
you for destroying her sense of security. If she
can't control you, she'll hate you for that.
The predatory female always wants what she
can't have; Satan recognized this trait in the
garden. But oddly, predatory females are often
honest, while they hate you, in a diabolical
way. They are given to announcing their
intentions, sometimes blatantly, in a style
reminiscent of Mein Kampf, or Das
Kapitailo hear "I'm going to get you," or
"I'm going to marry you," even when you
barely know them, is not unusual.

The next sub chapter I'm covering is called "The Last Stand"

Q. What if I hold my ground and refuse to
marry my girlfriend, even though I'll always
love her and tell her so?

A. She will shortly dump you and probably
marry someone else, but she'll never forget
you. Simply being "the one that got away"
locks you forever into the romantic mold of
her mind. She may stay with her husband, but
will daydream about you. She couldn't maneuver
you. You stood up for yourself, you
won, you are the hero, and that's romantic.
She'll always grudgingly admire you.

I'm now on the sub chapter called "The Time Bomb"

Q. My girlfriend turned thirty and immediately
became demanding about a "commitment"
from me. Please comment.

A. The predatory female has a short service
life. The bloom comes off the rose rather
quickly and they are capable of becoming
panicky and demanding. Thirty is a number
that lights a fuse under the predatory female.
Thirty five is worse and forty is often the gateway
to some psychotic behavior. The nervous,
hunted look, the darting eyes, and the irrational
statements coupled with ultimatums are
all signs of the post thirty fuse effect. Her
friends (other predatory females) have been
pecking and clucking at her to get married,
doing their best to make her feel inadequate.
Men are generally unaware of the enormous
and often vicious peer pressure that women
put on each other to marry and have children.
Predatory females aren't happy at simply being
married themselves; they want all their
friends and relatives married, too. It's time to
bow gracefully out of any arrangements you
may have with a predatory female of this
type. Indeed, from this point forward, time is
against you.