Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 28

Part 28

I'm now on the sub chapter called "The Collapse"

Q. Why do so many guys finally just give in
to the demands of these women?

A. Aside from all the entrapments and coercions
discussed earlier, a lot of men just don't
know what to do with themselves unless they
have a woman in the background, telling
them what to do. These are the terminal victims
of the matriarchy. Additionally, giving
up is a lot easier when everyone around you is
surrendering, too. Slavery is the natural state
of man.

The next sub chapter I'm covering is called "The Ultimatum"

Q. My live-in girlfriend threatens to leave me
very soon if we don't get married. She says
she will regretfully find another man, one who
understands her needs. Since all of my friends
have been ripped off, I am suspicious of marriage,
but losing her would be a devastating
blow to me. I have grown very comfortable
with her. What do you recommend?

A. You are facing the ultimatum, the calling
of your hand, the springing of the trap, and
the most common power move of the predatory
female. "If I don't get what I want, I'll
leave and look elsewhere. I, me, I, me." This
is always the bottom line with a predatory
female. A man cohabits peacefully (more or
less) with a woman as long as he does what she
wants. If he balks at his load, she leaves him
unless he has become some sort of personal
challenge. In that case, she'll stick around until
the matter is resolved, but will begin lining
up replacements. Starting with Adam, who
purposely ate the fruit (knowing full well
the consequences), men have historically
WOMAN. Remember, if she doesn't get what
she wants, she is perfectly willing to be
without you. You are expendable. Will you be
any less expendable after she has what she
Unload the hairbag. You've already made
the mistake of letting the camel into the tent.
Even without marriage, you may have trouble
getting her out through the door. There may
be a scene. The camel may buck, collapsing
the tent and strewing your belongings all over
the desert. But at least you'll still own the tent
and its furnishings.
You are going to have to face being alone
until you find another squeeze. This may take
some remedial training and conditioning. But
first you must get rid of the problem. Act
worried. Tell her to go ahead and move out
because you need to make up your mind
alone. It's a tough decision. You need a couple
of months by yourself. Be accommodating
and help her find new quarters. Help her
move. Get your house key back. Send her
change of address to the post office. Once
she's out of your house, get her out of your
mind and remember Lot's wife . . . don't
ever look back.

The Next subchapter I'm covering is called "Role Reversal"

Q. What is the role reversal safeguard?

A. It's a simple step to guard against doing
something stupid when dealing with a predatory
female. Just reverse the situation and ask
yourself if she would do what she's asking or
expecting you to do. A good example is marriage.
Few women would marry if the conditions
and ground rules were reversed. Under
no circumstances would a predatory female
put herself in the legally and financially subservient
position that a man assumes when he
marries. Role reversal always illuminates dealings
with predatory females. Sometime when
buying an expensive dinner for a female, ask
yourself if she would do that for you. Would
she buy your dinner and pay for your drinks?
Anytime you find yourself fanning your wallet
around a woman, try the role reversal test.