Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 27

Part 27

I'm now on the sub chapter called "Breaking Cover"

Q. My girlfriend recently became extremely
upset when I didn't leave what she considered
an "appropriate" tip at a restaurant. She accused
me of being cheap, and later, a tightwad.
She said I "embarrassed" her. Is this an
indication of a dangerous predatory female?

A. When a woman makes any kind of remark
to the effect that you are stingy, remember
that this is a way of declaring her expertise
at spending someone else's money (probably

The next sub chapter I'm covering is called "The Blitz"

Q. What is the blitz?

A. It's the heavy bombardment used by the
predatory female when she is making her final
move to coerce you into some arrangement
favorable to her, usually marriage. Often
accompanied by the ultimatum, the blitz consists
mainly of a barrage of reasons why you
should agree to marry her. Some examples
You will end up a lonely old man.
You won't have anyone to come home to.
You'll never meet anyone like her again.
Who will take care of you when you're old?
You'll never know the joys of having
• Letting her go means the end of the gourmet
• You won't have anyone to share your life
• You couldn't stand to see her with someone
Remember, a predatory female doesn't
have to be living with you in order to subject
you to the blitz.

Q. Is there anything I might do to prevent the

A. Take a calculated risk and tell her, at the
earliest point in your relationship, that you
want to marry her. Propose to her on the first
date. Hopefully she will reject the idea, even
stare curiously at you. Never mention it again.
If the subject ever resurfaces, simply say that
you were turned down once and don't want to
think about it anymore. It's too painful.

The next sub chapter I'm covering is called "Reminders"

Q. Are there signs to indicate a blitz may be
in the offing?

A. The blitz can be detonated by many things
like her best friend or sister announcing wedding
plans, or the arrival of her thirtieth birthday.
Specific signs may even be absent since
the predatory female, like the shark, can
strike without warning. However, if she starts
leaving numerous personal articles in your
home (clothes and toiletries), or begins practicing
her signature using your last name, she
is getting ready for a power move.

Q. Why would she begin leaving personal
articles in my home, aside from convenience?

A. The personal articles give her a reason to
come back, they remind you of her, and they
drive other women away.