Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 26

Part 26

The next sub chapter I'm covering is called "Cheaper to Rent"

Q. Given the pitfalls of associating with
predatory females, perhaps prostitution
should be taken more seriously.

A. Prostitutes may be the only honest
women, insofar as their sex lives are concerned,
because they'll generally tell you the
price up front. Remember the basic rule: If it
flies, floats, or fucks, it's cheaper to rent.

The next sub chapter is called "Isolation"

Q. Since I began living with a girl, I've
noticed even my longtime friends have gradually
stopped calling. Suddenly I've realized
that most of "our" friends are really hers.

A. The isolation factor is another weapon
used by the predatory female in her conquering
of the male. She will, as the relationship
progresses, begin cutting off his friends and
confidants. She increasingly monopolizes his
time. After awhile, his friends don't call
anymore. Little by little, she becomes his
only companion. This is powerful medicine
because when she finally leaves him, he is
totally alone. He's not only lost his only companion,
but has no one to turn to.

The next sub chapter is called "Counseling"

Q. My live-in girlfriend spends a lot of time
talking with her friends about our relationship
and whether we are "going anywhere." Men
rarely discuss these subjects, hence I feel outnumbered
and at somewhat of a disadvantage.

A. Correct. You are both outnumbered and
at a disadvantage. From continuous discussion
with her friends and relatives, she is
probably much better prepared than you to
argue whether you are "going anywhere."
Since men almost never counsel each other on
avoiding the snares of the predatory female,
they are reduced to scrambling about individually,
committing the same errors, and being
singly trapped and neutralized. So effective is
the isolation of the males, that when one tries
to counsel another he invariably gets a deaf
ear. Guys just don't listen, period.

The next sub chapter I'm on is called "A Test"

Q. My girlfriend has moved out to live with
her two former roommates while I "make a
decision about our future." I miss her but
marriage scares me.

A. Curiously, a woman instinctively knows
just how far to go in getting what she wants
and rarely goes any further. Obviously the
committee (or pack) is deciding your fate
while you are left with nothing but a plastic
Judy and a tube of Mr. Stiff.