Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 25

Part 25

I'm now on the sub chapter called "Love Gap"

Q. I lived with a girl for over a year, but when
I refused to marry her she broke off our affair
and moved out. Within two weeks she was
married to another man. I saw her recently
and she behaved like a stranger, despite having
professed undying love only three months
previously. How do you explain such radical

A. There were no changes. She never cared
about you in the first place, but you have been
blind to it by failing to grasp the nature of
the predatory female. You loved her but she
didn't love you. She is incapable of loving
anyone, including her new husband. A predatory
female never loves anyone but herself.
Using sex to lure men into loving her, she can
only pretend at loving them back. This is
natural, involuntary behavior for the predatory
female. She feeds them sex, fusses over
them, makes them feel loved, but it's only an
act. It's the chameleon syndrome in full
bloom. She uses their love, or infatuation, to
manipulate and control, stinging them like the
wasp on the spider's back, until they are incapable
of rational thought where she is
concerned. The predatory female never becomes
emotionally involved in the same way a
male does. Her emotional involvement is
strictly contingent upon her degree of success
in bringing the male crashing to earth. It is not
a conscious deceit, but an unconscious one.
When, as in your case, she fails to trap him
permanently, she can easily leave because her
involvement was only temporal. This is one of
the toughest axioms for men to accept: Predatory
females flatly don't care. The person
deserving the sympathy is the poor unfortunate
who married her. He has volunteered
to become the host body for this parasite, and
serves as another living proof that slavery is
the natural state of man.

Q. I just can't believe that women don't really
ever love men, at least in the same way men
love them.

A. The predatory female herself is sometimes
fooled in this regard. She can be victimized by
her own predatory nature, especially if she's
young. But the experienced ones know better.
They're counting on your inability to understand
or accept it. They know your male ego
will side with them. If your girlfriend sincerely
believes she loves you, be sympathetic, be
understanding. She just doesn't know herself
yet. But don't let her immaturity bring havoc
into your life.

The next sub chapter is called "He Who Cares Less Wins"

Q. How might one enjoy dating various
attractive females without incurring some of
the nightmares you've described?

A. Keep in mind the basic rule that he who
cares least wins. Do not allow yourself to become
emotionally attached to your dates and
girlfriends, or some very unhappy days are in
store for you. You may allow them to enjoy
your body, your mind, and your money, but
always deny them your soul.

The next sub chapter I'm covering is "Two Heads"

Q. Doesn't the male share the blame for his
demise through females?

A. He shares most of the blame. After all, he
is the one with two heads, and he lets the little
head tell the big head what to do.