Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 24

Part 24

I'm now covering the sub chapter called "The Wasp and the Spider"

Q. It's hard to realize how caring for a
woman can become such a springboard to

A. There is a female wasp that can be likened
to a woman. Although a tarantula spider is
much bigger and stronger than this wasp, she
can easily sting him until he is comatose, proceeding
to build her nest on his back. She lays
her eggs, raises her young, and feeds from his
living body. If he resists, she stings him into
lethargy again. He eventually dies, but not until
she's done with him. He simply can't ever
get her off his back. The prudent man remembers
this spider whenever a female suggests
living with him.

The next subchapter I'm on is called "Low Down Payment"

Q. My girl friend says our relationship hasn't
"progressed" and if I don't let her move in,
she wants to break up.

A. Undoubtedly, but keep in mind . . . they
all dump you sooner or later anyway. Your
only elective is choosing how far the camel's
head will be into the tent when you are
dumped. Have you considered minimizing
your losses? This female is marketing her
wares and you are reluctant to put up any
front money. Why not opt for a new vendor?

The next sub chapter is called "The Reluctant Lamb"

Q. My girlfriend and I have disagreed on living
together—she wants to and I don't—but
to make matters worse, her best friend encourages
her to dump me.

A. Your hesitance at becoming another victim
of the matriarchal system has caused you
to fall into disfavor with the pack. They are
pressuring your girlfriend for results and
probably waving your replacement in front of
her nose. They'll not be happy until the hide
from your buttocks is tacked on the barn door
for drying and stretching. While your option
for a clean getaway is still available, use it.