Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 22

Part 22

This sub chapter is called "A Different Drum"

Q. Please expound on the communication
gap between the sexes.

A. Predatory females flatly think differently
than males. What is black to him may be
white to her. He may believe they've reached
an understanding when in fact her idea of
what's understood is totally different from
his. Her values are different. She doesn't
operate with the same set of standards, consequently
there really is no common ground.
Therefore, even a sincere promise or agreement
is misconceived on at least one side. All
treaties are faulty from the outset. Any form
of contract with a predatory female is doomed
to distress.

Next subchapter is called "The Snake Charmer"

Q. Would you characterize dating and living
together as a form of snake charming?

A. Absolutely. A king cobra can reportedly
rise twelve feet into the air, an awesome sight.
This ancient reptile, one of the most dangerous
creatures on earth, but breath taking and
fascinating, makes a comparison with the
predatory female unavoidable. They vary in
size, some hiss before striking, others are sluggish
and have to be prodded into movement,
but all deserve respect.

Q. It's difficult to imagine having sex with
something like that.

A. Historically, the sex drive transcends all
boundaries. The man on a date must carefully
approach the wicker basket containing the
snake (predatory female). He must then gently
unlatch the lid and softly woo the creature
while lowering his scrotum into the basket.
The trick is to seduce the snake and get the lid
back down before she strikes.

Q. What if they are living together?

A. A man living with his girlfriend has simply
carried the snake into his bedroom. He must
always be on guard and constantly insure the
latch is secure on the basket.

The next sub chapter is called Russian Roulette

Q. What about V.D.?

A. Venereal disease can be another one of
dating's little surprises. If you plan on doing
much sport fucking in our matriarchal society,
you'd better wear a wet suit.