Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 21

Part 21

The next sub chapter I'm covering is called "Love and War"

Q. Does the "all is fair in love and war" idea
need to be reappraised?

A. Definitely. "All is fair in love and war" is
an old saying that isn't taken seriously by
today's men. An acquisitive female will go far
beyond the bounds of propriety and good
manners to achieve her goals. In her mind,
almost nothing is construed as going too far.
She doesn't consider it underhanded to rifle
through his wallet and personal effects, to spy
on him through his friends, or tell any lie that
is expedient. Honesty and integrity are of no
concern to a fully bloomed, predatory female
in the acquisitive mode. Amazingly, she
would defend her moratorium on integrity as
a woman's privilege. She can be totally ruthless
in this regard. The male's failure to grasp
this has led to much unhappiness.

The Next Subchapter I'm covering is called "Brinksmanship"

Q. What about danger in dating?

A. You could be the pawn in a scheme to
make the husband or boyfriend jealous and
end up being shot. You may contract a
disease. She may rob you or slash her wrists in
your shower. A routine traffic citation may
result in your being jailed because she dropped
drugs in your car. You could be in a
serious traffic accident. The very fact she is
with you points to both the acquisitive mode
and the chameleon syndrome with all their
dangers. Dating is usually the medium
predatory females use to "hook" a man. The
words "catch," "snare," and "trap" are also
popular. These words carry a message. If
marriage is the skewering and broiling of the
scrotum, dating is tantamount to dangling the
gonads over a fire. At its very best, dating or
living with a predatory female is brinksmanship
and wiM exact a large toll. At its worst,
you're facing possible diseases, lawsuits,
physical injury, or death.

The next sub chapter I'm covering is called "The Stinger"

Q. Is there a single, dominant force used by
predatory females to hypnotize and control

A. It is a combination of her appearance,
personality, charm, wit, compatibility, and
sexual prowess. Narrowed down to one thing:
raw sexual allurement. Pussy power will ultimately
deal the knockout blow. In the advanced
stages of sexual hypnosis, the male
may subconsciously want to crawl into the
vagina and live there. Most normal, healthy
men are capable of becoming total slaves to a
well orchestrated sexual enticement and the
predatory female is acutely aware of this. If
necessary, she will stretch that vulva right
over his head and smother him to get what she
wants. But remember, although a predatory
female may truly be fun and fulfilling outside
of her skill in bed, this is the most dangerous
type. You might let your guard down.