Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 20

Part 20

The next subchapter is called "Working"

Q. When is a predatory female "working?"

A. The predatory female is working when she
is in the process of preying on a male or another
female. The males are by far the most
frequent victims. A visit to any popular
restaurant, for example, will enable you to see
predatory females working. While the male is
paying for the dinner and drinks, she is further
ensconcing herself by applying feminine
charms and doing little numbers on his head.
She may be telling him why they should be living
together, be married, whatever. She may
be cultivating an all expenses paid vacation.
The possibilities are endless and the predatory
female knows how to exploit every advantage
when she is working.

Q. What about her job or career?

A. Her job is what she does when she's not

The Next Sub Chapter is called Feast or Famine

Q. Why can I go for months without meeting
an interesting girl and finally, when I do meet
someone, girls that ignored me suddenly become

A. A man who is alone tends to radiate a
lean, hungry look that drives women away.
Your new association with a woman has eliminated
that deprived image and added a seasoning
of decadence that attracts the female.
You have become interesting to them.
Further, if they perceive you as spoken for,
they'll want you even more because the predatory
female always wants what she can't have.

The next sub chapter I'm covering is called Cloak and Danger

Q. Recently I made the disturbing discovery
that, while I was in the shower, my girlfriend
sneaked a look through my wallet and address
book. Does that qualify her as a predatory

A. Does Howdy Doody have a wooden ass?
Of course it does, but don't be overly
alarmed. She is "working." The creatures will
do this. Enjoy her performance. Incredibly,
your relationship with her is probably at its
zenith. This is simply a danger signal and
common behavior for a predatory female who
is acquisitive, seriously zeroing in on you. She
considers you ripe for the plucking. It's also a
sign that you have probably let the camel get
its head a little too far into the tent. The
predatory female never refers to these types
of indiscretions as snooping. They call it
"tidying up" or "cleaning."