Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 19

Part 19

I'm now on the sub chapter called "The Love Of My Life"

Q. Who is this "love of my life" that women
refer to?

A. The phrase applies to an imaginary man
that most women feel they will someday meet.
He is the one they are always searching for.
He is her lover. The label is often applied to
prospective husbands, but shortly after marriage
is reassigned to someone else, often
imaginary. Thereafter, successive lovers fill
the role.

Q. So the predatory female always has two
men in her life?

A. Three. We must not forget the gynecologist,
a doctor she can enjoy a special intimacy
with and fulfill some fantasies in the bargain.

The next sub chapter is called "The Gyno"

Q. Would the predatory female place her
gynecologist on an equal level with her husband
and lover?

A. Certainly. Moreover, she will confide
things in him that husbands and lovers never
hear. He is the high priest to the volcano (the
fountain of female magic). He enjoys a rapport
with her source of power.

Q. How does this apply to a date or live-in?

A. Consider this: You've wined and dined a
young lady all evening and been invited into
her home. She plays soft music and kisses
you, but says it's improper to have sex until
she's known you longer.

Q. What's wrong with that?

A. Nothing, until the other shoe drops. The
following morning she goes to her gynecologist.
Although happy to wear everyday old
clothes around her "loved" ones, she departs
for the gyno appointment dressed to receive
royalty. Arriving at the office, she is promptly
ushered into the stirrups. She eagerly awaits
the doctor who is a twenty eight year old
suburban sex fiend wearing ten pounds of
gold body jewelry. He drives a red Porsche
with personalized plates saying "OB-GYN."
Within moments, this stranger is practically
up to his elbows in her vagina—in the interest
of medicine. Basic rule: The accessibility of
the female genitalia hinges strictly on her immediate,
conceived objectives. So meanwhile,
as the unpaid valet and volunteer batman of
the previous evening, you are left with a mail
order, inflatable sex doll.

Q. What about the fantasies?

A. For many predatory females, a visit to the
gyno is a socially acceptable form of rape or
exhibitionism. After all, it's only a question
of what part of his body he puts into her. And
many will state they are in love with their
gynos. "He understands me. He is intimate
with me, therefore we have to be close."
Some even flirt with the doctor while propped
in the stirrups, flanging their labia, and
behaving as if nothing unusual is in progress.