Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 18

Part 18

I'm now on the sub chapter called "Slot Machine"

Q. Can a man ever hope to break even with a

A. No. In the end, the female will always disappoint
him. The slot machine rule applies at
all times.

Q. What is the slot machine rule?

A. An extension of the principle that there is
no such thing as a free lunch, the slot machine
rule states that dealing with a woman on a
personal level is like playing with a slot
machine. It's fun to watch, to play with, and
it gives rewards. But the odds are against you.
The longer you play the same machine, the
more it will cost. It will periodically pay off in
small amounts, teasers, but you will invariably
end up in the red.

Q. And a date is like feeding in the first

A. Yes, and you might hit a jackpot. But
sooner or later the slot takes it all back with

Q. What if you just quit?

A. Before you are even out of sight, the
machine is being cranked by another sucker.
Indeed, he was probably cranking surreptitiously
before your departure.

The next sub chapter is called "Public Property"

Q. Why do you describe predatory females as
being in the public domain?

A. The image of a man dragging a woman to
his cave and sequestering her for himself is a
popular fantasy. It has no application to the
modern, predatory female. The entire concept
of a male maintaining a female for his exclusive
enjoyment is completely fictitious. This
applies not only to sexual favors, but other
charms as well.

Q. What import does this have in a dating

A. If an individual fails to understand that a
female's charms are never given, only loaned,
he is doomed to exploitation. The male must
constantly remember that there is absolutely
no such entity as an exclusive use of a
woman's sexual favors. There are always
other men, and sometimes women. The man's
innate desire to possess a female, to have his
own little sex doll and intimate companion, is
his biggest vulnerability. A predatory female
will use this weakness to lead him into a trap
and destroy him.