Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 17

Part 17

I'm now moving into the next chaptet called "The Date And The Live In"

"Never try to impress a woman or
she'll always hold you to that standard."
-W.C. Fields

The first subchapter in this new chapter is called "Boot Camp"

Q. How do the concepts of predatory females
apply to dating?

A. Dating is the females' boot camp for
males. Here the man is taught to habitually
finance the woman in nearly everything. He
learns to be a combination chauffeur and valet
while paying for the privilege. Additionally,
he becomes conditioned to sitting at her feet,
leash in mouth, tail wagging, anticipating the
slightest hint of a sexual favor. His female
drill instructor is the end product of 6000
years of survival of the fittest. While he is
usually there just for fun, she's working. Even
if her motives are only entertainment, she's
playing hardball. If simply to make someone
else jealous, she will polish her predatory
skills on the date. Manipulating him is her
business and he, almost never forewarned by
parents or friends, is usually an amateur at
defending himself. Further, a man on a date
today is, by his very presence, often giving his
implied consent to be used as a footstool. The
matriarchy has couched these unspoken demands
in the guise of customs and manners.
If you refuse to perform as expected, then
YOU are at fault. It's a curious parallel with
the current public smoking controversy.

Q. How so?

A. Like a smoker who persists in polluting
public air, forcing people to breathe waste byproducts,
a predatory female will consider
YOU the bad guy if you won't let HER dump
on YOUR head.

Q. So predatory females are dangerous, even
on the dating level?

A. For the formal dater today, the hours are
long and the pay is low, but SOMEBODY'S
got to do it! Dating is the beginning of the
cat and mouse game that women play with
men. The game may extend beyond marriage.
The cat will play with the mouse as long as she
is amused, but when she becomes bored, she
eats the mouse for lunch.

'Every woman is at heart, a rake."
—A lexander Pope