Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 2

Part 2

I'm now moving into section one called "Traits of the Predatory Female"

Were moving into the first chapter called intital considerations, with the first sub chapter being called earmarks.

Q. Can the predatory female be identified in
our society?

A. Fortunately, yes. Although it's impossible
to categorize all behavior in a segment of
population, there are discernible traits in the
predatory female that, once learned, may
serve as warning signals to the enlightened.

Q. Who benefits by learning these traits?

A. Everyone, but males have the edge in the
present legal climate.

Q. Why?

A. Men, poorly educated about predatory
females, are notoriously clumsy when dealing
with them. Our earliest history bristles with
examples of strong, intelligent men outwitted
and destroyed by females in the predatory
mode. This continues presently where women,
victims of their own predatory natures and
aided by the court system, are responsible for
the ruin of families, businesses, and lives all
over the nation.

Q. Are you blaming women exclusively for
these disasters?

A. No. Little of the mayhem could occur
without the endless army of men, untutored
in the predatory female, queuing up obediently
for destruction. Blinded by steam from
their own gonads, they stumble ignorantly
into relationships with women and later awaken
to find themselves trapped in an ever deepening
pit of emotional, legal, and financial