Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 3

Part 3

I'm now moving into the sub chapter called Me, Myself, and I

Q. How do we begin to identify a predatory

A. One giveaway is that she flatly represents
the self-centered faction of the population.
While a male gravitates towards things and
activities, a predatory female is primarily
concerned with herself. Since the publishing
industry is extremely sensitive to readers'
interests, a glance at any news stand will
help explain. Publications designed for men
bear titles like Sports, Flying, Electronics,
Mechanics, etc., while those sold mainly to
females are called Self, Glamour, Image, Me,
Woman, and so forth.
The predatory female is concerned chiefly with herself and what
others think of her. This is a basic rule. A picture
of a cat, spending hours licking itself,
comes to mind.