Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 1

Part 1

I will now be covering The Predatory Female by Lawrence Shannon

I will now start with the introduction

She was a spring bride, a graceful beauty
radiating health and happiness. The garden
wedding overlooked the blue Pacific on a
lovely day. The groom, young and handsome,
smiled lovingly as they repeated their vows.
Truly they were a storybook couple with a
charming future.

Fifteen months later, the bride's attorney
was demanding alimony, community property,
attorney's fees, court costs, child custody,
child support, and more. The groom's attorney
responded, setting off a bitter divorce
lasting longer than the marriage.

What happened? Could their relationship,
like thousands every year, have been founded
upon a misunderstanding? More people are
answering yes to that question as it becomes
increasingly evident that we are wading in the
pathos of marital disaster in this country.
Let's face it, you can't even buy a bag of
groceries today without getting a short course
in divorce from the tabloids at the checkout

But what primary misconception can be
blamed for the growing war zone between the

It is the quiet, festering, and popular ignorance
of the predatory female. Her perfidious
nature has persistently escaped proper
scrutiny and exposure throughout most of
this century. The predatory female, obfuscated
by society and custom, is misunderstood
by females and males alike. It is this
lack of awareness that eventually leads most
couples to the brink of catastrophe.

Look at a typical day's headlines: MAN

A working knowledge of the predatory
female can greatly aid everyone in avoiding
these terrible, but common events.

We live in a matriarchal society. Most of
our citizens are females. Can we afford to remain
blinded to an inherent trait of most of
our citizens? A study of the predatory female
is long overdue. We must learn to recognize
and deal with her. These pages can help their
readers avoid the misery and self-destruction
inflicted daily upon the victims of the predatory

There is no other book like this in the
world. Similar works have been censored and
destroyed. The unspoken and chilling menace
that emanates from the predatory females of
our society has, until now, kept the facts herein

In the following chapters, the true predatory
female is publicly unveiled for the first
time. You will learn to recognize and avoid
her traps. You will explore all phases of dealing
with predatory females, from casual acquaintances
to post-divorce relations.
After reviewing the characteristics of
predatory females in Section I, you will be
ready for the Survival Guides in Section II.
These will help protect you from the ever
present dangers in a society that is crawling
with predatory females. Hopefully, if you
comprehend and retain the contents of these
sections, you'll be saved from the matriarchal
sludge pile, from eventually becoming an embittered,
cynical old grab bag who's had the
short course—a human pin at a wearing fifty
pounds of body jewelry, a velure jump suit,
and driving around Marina Del Key with personalized
plates that say "STUD ONE." You
may even be rescued from that pathetic mob
of hungry, searching males who, strutting and
preening, descend nightly upon the profusion
of singles bars, swinging their scrotums like
Argentine bolas.

But be warned. Those with fairy tale ideas
of courtship and marriage may find these
pages upsetting. Being no less candid than a
process server, the author relies on naked
frankness. Consequently, this material doesn't
cater to the fainthearted. It's for people desiring
the truth about their circumstances, who
prefer reality to fiction, and who base their
decisions on facts rather than dreams.

There are many publications designed to
help people attract the opposite sex, set up
housekeeping with their lovers, prepare for
marriage, or rebuild their lives after divorce.
These books deal with the results of mistakes.
The Predatory Female teaches how to avoid
such mistakes in the first place.

Some people aren't comfortable with
reality and may initially reject the message
herein, preferring to perpetuate the myths and
fantasies concealing predatory females. The
smoke screen, in place for thousands of years,
is not forecast to end here, so the only hope
for these untutored lambs may be that
Reverend Shannon's words get to them before
a predatory female does.

Fortunately for those who would guard
their lives, property, and sanity against dangerous
temporary euphorias, there is the still
small voice of reason. You are about to hear
that voice. Read, enjoy, laugh, but most of
all ... remember.