Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 14

Part 14

I'm now on the sub chapter called A lie, is a lie, is a lie

Q. Does a predatory female ever tell the

A. Only when it suits her acquisitive
purposes. Where lies are concerned, the predatory
female is a long ball hitter. Biblically,
the first lie ever told was to a female. This
female, Eve, was given personal instruction
by Satan. She has never forgotten this, and
her most effective technique today is the same
used by Satan. After a steady progression of
truths, she slips in the lie, or simply raises
doubt and then suggests the lie. Scene: Evening
in front of the fireplace.
"It's fun being together, isn't it?"
"Uh huh."
"You love all this attention, don't you?"
"Uh huh."
"Think how much nicer it would be if we
were married." (Surely ye shall not die!)
Aside from histrionics, the truth is not in

The next sub chapter is called "No Honor Among Thieves"

Q. Do predatory females like each other?

A. Predatory females basically hate each
other. Two con artists working the same street
corner might be civil to accommodate business,
but they'll never be sincere friends. So it
is with predatory females. They are hustlers.
They're working a peanut shell game and the
competition is rugged. They will exchange
information, spy on each other, socialize,
or freeze each other out. It's the law of
the jungle. No one knows a predatory female
like another female . . . and they don't trust
each other. This basic rule is worthy of

The Next subchapter is called "The Scene"

Q. Is the embarrassing argument or public
display a characteristic of the predatory

A. The predatory female is capable of turning
on you, in front of your friends, without
the slightest compunction. An embarrassing
scene doesn't bother her in the least unless
you are the one causing it. Screaming, scratching,
hitting, loud profanity, throwing and
breaking objects, and tossing drinks are some
of her favorites. Curiously, some of the worst
outbreaks are between sisters. The image of
two cats, fighting loudly enough to wake the
neighborhood, comes to mind.