Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 13

Part 13

I'm now on the sub chapter called "No Free Lunch"

Q. Are there any freebies at all with a predatory

A. Virtually none. A primary trait of the
predatory female is that she deprives you of
your peace of mind in direct proportion to the
amount of time you spend with her. It is a
natural sapping process from which there is
no escape. Starting with your mind, it soon
extends to your money and possessions. It's
heads she wins, tails you lose. Never suppress
the tingling uneasiness that accompanies the
dealing with females. Nature is saying that
you are the little woodchuck succumbing to
the hypnotic majesty of the weaving cobra.

I'm now on the sub chapter called doctor doctor

Q. What is the doctor's role in the life of the
predatory female?

A. Doctors are a big part of the predatory
female's security. Consequently, predatory
females are very doctor oriented and engage
in a continuous form of doctor worship. A
trait of predatory females is that they perpetually
"seek to the physicians." This trait is encouraged
by the matriarchal system which is
the foundation of the doctor cult. The system
encourages a constant barrage of doctor-idol
TV serials and soap operas.

Q. How can I discern this trait in a female?

A. If you say something against doctors in
general, a predatory female will likely take it
as a personal insult. Also, listen carefully for
the possessive pronoun "my." It will be
"my" doctor this and "my" doctor that. The
reverent intimacy they use with "my doctor"
contrasts interestingly with the suppressed
contempt of "my husband."

The next sub chapter is called "The Wrangler"

Q. Why is the handling of a young filly so
educational where predatory females are

A. Young female horses exhibit many of the
characteristics of the predatory female. If you
charge wildly into the corral, she'll run away
from you. If you ease into the corral, take
your time, and bring something that interests
her (like food), she'll become curious and
wander up to sniff you out. Sudden movements
will spook her. She will cost you a lot of
money. She is dangerous and can hurt you.
She is beautiful, unpredictable, and fun to
watch. She needs constant attention. She will
get into trouble if ignored. In groups, they
quickly establish a pecking order since they
basically don't like each other. If you let her
have her own way, she'll run all over you. If
she doesn't respect you, she's useless. She is
capable of foundering (eating herself to
death). She will often behave irrationally and
can do you both great injury. Marrying her
would be a huge mistake.