Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 15

Part 15

I'm now on the sub chapter called "Tracks"

Q. Do predatory females have distinguishing
living habits?

A. Several, and here are some examples: (1)
Look inside her car. Vehicles belonging to
predatory females are often littered with
cigarette butts, pop cans, shoes, clothing,
wrappers, hangers, old make-up containers,
and other trappings of the female. Predatory
females are restless spirits (they move every
ten to fifteen months in the acquisitive mode)
and may even live out of their cars for short
periods. Further, if the car is a very expensive
one, you should consider the possibility that
she is a veteran predator and potentially
dangerous. (2) A bedroom floor littered with
the same type of debris described above,
(usually done while watching TV in bed) is
another track of the predatory female. The
debris may include cat or dog feces. (3) Predatory
females are patently lazy. They'll drive
around a parking lot, forever searching out a
slot next to the entrance, to avoid walking a
few extra feet. They put their suitcases on little
carts when traveling, despite spending
more effort wrestling the carts than simply
carrying the suitcases. They pull plugs out by
the cords, leave the lids off containers, and
refuse to read instructions or manuals accompanying
technical devices or equipment.

The next sub chapter is called "Jaws"

Q. How do predatory females compare with

A. The similarities are alarming, and indeed,
sharks are almost perfect soul mates to predatory
females. Sharks have small brains but are
masters at survival. They operate solely from
instinct and are totally unpredictable. Their
only purpose is self-preservation and they are
completely devoid of any capacity for love.
They are infinitely treacherous and have no
enemies except themselves. They eat each
other. They operate in packs and prey on isolated
victims. They are restless and constantly
on the move. A man, dealing with a predatory
female, is like a man in the water with a shark.
The environment (the matriarchal society)
belongs to the predator. A man needs luck or
special training to survive. Conditions permitting,
a shark isn't satisfied with just one
chunk of the victim . . . it keeps coming back
for more.