Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lonliness a State of Mind Part 3

Bettyswollocks writes

Here you go guys have a listen to this youtube of Anthony De Mello. He was a catholic Jesuit priest, enlightened but yet ex communicated from his own church. He often says that the job of religion and scripture was to lead us to "waking up" but seldom ever does.

There are many other youtube clips on "waking up" and "awareness" etc etc. The clip below No 18 is on dependence and loneliness the ones that follow on are 19A and 19B.

Have a listen to him, chances are you will want to listen to all of his videos, but have a listen to this one and maybe 19A+B.

It is my suggestion that perhaps MGTOW are actually on a path of waking up. Make your own decisions


Bettyswollocks also writes

Hi modelautoman, I am absolutely spiffing old chap, thanks for asking, hope you're the same?

Lets not forget that it is society in general that conditions our behaviour. Guys on boards like this are all at different stages of seeing the con, its not an easy task breaking free from so much intense conditioning. I once remember seeing a quote on another MRA board that simply said something along the lines of Feminism has done more to free men than it did to free women. Problem is, they did not and still don't realize they have un bolted the stable door.

Revolution man writes

the company of other people is a burden, a nuisance. When i am alone i am my Id, my selfish desires unhindered, when I'm with people, I'm a caged beast, social etiquette is my prison. The company of others distracts me and disconnects me from God and the universe. Like sex, its a pleasure of the flesh. Fun and worthy a pursuit, but dangerous and best enjoyed in moderation, like alcohol or drugs.

Modelautoman writes

I have to agree with you Revolutionman that the company of others is best enjoyed in
moderation. In my case its at church and occasional congregational gatherings outside
church. Any social ettiquette is also excercised at church, being church greeter. I rarely
hang around after the services to fellowship. Mostly I am out the door at the end of the
closing prayer. A pleasure of the flesh? could be.

Modelautoman also writes

Spocksdisciple you are da man! Your P.S. is spot-on and one
I can really relate to. This goe right in with my recent post on
my comments from the book by Albert Mohler: "From Boy to Man"
I consider myself one of those biggest little boys. The one Mohler
like the rest of society wants to submerge and forcibly hide. This

Superbad writes

great thread spocksdisciple. women FEAR being alone. married men are WORSE than alone... wives prune friends... they end up alone plus one enemy. i could live alone forever if that is my fate. i love people but just as lonely is a state of mind, the world itself is a happening in Consciousness: at rest as God; in motion as you, me, etc. hard for "me" to be alone when there is no "me". also how can i harbor animosity towards "FEMINIST BITCHES" HEHE when they too are instruments of the same Consciousness. EGO thinks in terms of "what should be"... but if we feel lonely it is not good nor bad... it's simply "what is". ironically when a man feels alone they seek a woman. but once they "get" this woman, they begin to seek being... ALONE.

Widower writes

When a bachelor is involved in an solo pursuit, he can continue that pursuit until he loses interest or decides he wants some social interaction. Its all on his terms. As a married man, you steal personal time when you can, and a husband's solo pursuits are the lowest priority in the home's schedule. A man interested in having kids might agree to this arrangement- if both spouses were sacrificing equally. but in many cases, this is not what happens.

Irlandes writes

Right you are, widower, that men's pursuits are lowest priority in most married households. I commented on that many years ago, in the mid 70's.

You see, men's pursuits are purely selfish, right? Unlike women's pursuits which happen to involve the house and the kids. Many women really believe the house is a high priority, but refuse to admit it is their own toy.

In the 70's, l listened to women a lot. There had been a newspaper article which said most money decisions were made by women, which we know to be true.

Nope, all the women said, all the unnecessary expenses were done by the husband. I had already learned if you ask women questions, they give you their prepared answer. If you sit and listen, the truth will come out.

Women who said all the non-essential expenses were made by their husbands (foolish things like buying a small motorcycle so the dearies could have the good car for work) over a few months told of spending a fortune on things like a new living room, though the old one was only three years old. They actually believed their childish boredom with a three year old living room was an essential family expense.

Heaven help any man stupid enough to spend a couple hundred dollars on a shotgun or bicycle or fishing equipment.

And, the kids? No amount of money for nonsense was too much for mommy's precious angels. No luxury; no expensive trip; no amount of expensive clothes.

Nope, the only wasted money was that which was spent by a man on himself. How dare he?