Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lonliness a State of Mind Part 4

Mobrules writes

When I was in a relationship, I felt more alone with her than without her. It was terrible to no longer recognize and connect with the person I was emotionally involved with. So you can actually be alone even if you surround yourself with people. I even told my friend while I was with her that I was so lonely. That's why women are so crazy and most "professionals" can't help them. No matter how many people she gets involved with, if she can't find contentment with herself as a person, she's going to ruin her own and others' lives.

I too can't stand big crowds. I actually get nervous around them. I enjoy concerts and theme parks, but I can't be constantly going to them. I enjoy being able to watch movies, play games, read a book, or surf the web in peace. Does loneliness creep up on me? Sure does. However the alternative to it would be to get a partner that's damaged goods aka Single-moms and "ex/reformed" sluts. No thanks, I had the double whammy single-mom and reformed slut, and that sucked ass to be with her. You can be alone and lonely, but are you lonely for an unpleasable uncontrollable predatory slut? Not I, and I hope the rest of you aren't either.

Irlandes writes

The one thing I really like about Mexico, though my living among my wife's family is not something available to all, is that anytime I want, I can walk out my door and be totally welcome by a number of kinfolk for as long as I choose to stay. In the US, I don't know about UK etc., one is not welcome to drop by any time. Here it is absolutely a normal part of the culture.

Happyghost writes

"A man who is alone is in good company."

Modelautoman writes

I'm less lonely when alone.

Revoloutionman writes

I find similar modelautoman. I'm less aware of how alone i really am when I'm by myself. When there are people around, I see the differences, and the strengths and deficiencies on both sides, and i think "I have nothing in common with this(these) human beings. Does our common species and language really warrant enough similarities for me to be comfortable with?

I have more in common with an animal, thinking but never speaking. Understanding more than anyone will ever know but being unable to perform as they wish I would because its not in my nature.

Spocksdisciple writes

“I'm less lonely when alone.”

That's because you don't have a crowd of women attempting to shame you and remind you constantly about how alone you are(attend any gathering with married women and that's all you'll hear the whole night, why aren't you in a relationship? etc etc). Being alone or with a small group of men is a relief.

The natural state of man is that of of the lone hunter in the forest, women on the other hand need a village or pack environment to function properly, as the saying goes "it takes a village to raise a child" and so women are oriented to never being alone(alone=death for her and her children in a primitive environment).

Toysarefun writes
I know quite a few guys who have dogs, and yes, a few that have cats. I always tell people, with 6 billion + people on this planet your never going to be alone. I mostly prefer being alone because the only reason anyone ever calls me is because they want something from me, especially when it comes to women. How often would a woman call you up and say, hey I'm doing everything tonight, I want to cook you a dinner, while you relax on the couch, then after dinner, I want to give you a nice massage, and then blow you before bedtime.

Not happening, loneliness has become a beautiful thing.

Donttreadonme writes

I often felt lonely during my Mangina-days, though never when I was alone. When I'm alone, there are countless possibilities on how to entertain me. I can read abook, or just sit there and thinking things through. That is, however, not possible in the presence of other people and when I was around women and their endless musings about trivialities, I often felt lonely. They were unable to provide half a decent conversation topic and yet their constant chattering also made it impossible to withdraw into my own mind. Yes, I was lonely in the presence of many women.

Nowadays I might be alone from time to time, but I'm never lonely.

In my opinion, feeling lonely when alone is a lot like boredom. The only difference is that if you are bored, you have to find something entertaining or distracting, while when you're lonely, you have to find something fulfilling on a spiritual level.