Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How I make my life work Part 4

Superbad writes

EXHALTATIONS kestral! morally, i see Western women as no better than call girls. they screw some guys for free (if we can call having to listen to them "free"); and the other guys they extort "gifts and prizes". we have similar tastes: i see on/off a size 0 blonde dingbat. IMO "love" has become a female codeword meaning "i NEED something". the sweet "girl next door" types evaporated, maybe due to the net.

irlandes, AFAIK escorts are legal.

Kestrel writes

Thanks superbad. What you say is so true, there is no such thing as "love", all it is, is an illusion.

Women want to fuck guys that they perceive is 'higher' than them, because on some subconscious level, they feel that if they fuck the guy, they will in some way acquire the qualities that guy has (I guess if she gets pregnant from him that may in some strange way be true).

Kestrel writes

"Spocksdisciple, my condolences to you on living in Calgary, even though I've never been there (and please do correct me if any of this is wrong), everything I have heard about Calgary (and Alberta in general) is that it's a shithole:
- There is no sense of art of beauty in Alberta, all ugly generic cookie cutter houses
[The only beauty is in the Rocky Mtns just 90 miles west, the natural beauty is fantastic, otherwise you're totally correct; for the Americans think LA suburbia like the Valley, also the developers modelled the communities on LA's design including the road access! which are a rats maze]
- Housing is super expensive (whether you buy or rent)
[An average bungalow 1200sf with 2 baths and 3 bedrooms is around $450K CDN upto $4million for some acreages with 7000sf mansions on them, condos from, $350K to $1.5 million, so it rivals Toronto and Vancouver, rents anywhere from $800/mth for a 1 bedroom to $3000/mth for a house
- Shitty options when it comes to a wide variety of good ethnic food
Also correct, there are some choices but for a very long time is was a steak and potatoes city
- Jobs mostly in shitty "Old Economy" industries, most notably oil
Yep, there is very little else aside from agriculture or Oil and Gas, O&G is very lucrative because a person with High School can start in the field making $35-$40/hr, a white collar worker in head office with a Bachelor's degree can make $70K/yr right out of uni and be past $150K/yr in 5 years with stock options/bonuses etc. I'm doing a second degree in Geosciences because it's pays a lot better then IT and also is portable to other countries when I can build up my skills, if I luck out I can make a huge amount of $$$ in a short time because I don't spend much and being MGTOW I have very little overhead
- Dickhead rednecks in pickup trucks and their mean pig-faced wives in SUVsVery, very ,very TRUE, the arrogance of the people here is astounding,guys driving brand new top of the line fully loaded pickups worth $60-80K their wives driving Mercedes SUVs etc, they recently opened a Bentley dealership here and are getting more sales here then LA! same for Ferrari and Jag, and during the recession!, I know people my age who are millionaires now working in the O&G industry. Blue collar rig workers who own $750K-$1M houses because they make $80/hr not including overtime.
- A huge population of people that are just there to work, so they don't care about the city or other peopleAlso very, very true, the sad thing was that I was born here and it's only been the last 10 years that the culture has changed so much, it used to be a lot friendlier and people were actually polite, we now have LA style street gangs in some parts of the city shooting it out with other gangs over the very lucrative drug trade here.
- Things are expensiveExpensive doesn't even come close, my parent's house which they bought 20 yrs ago from $160K is now worth over $400K! that gives you the scale of just how much things have gone up here.

Spocksdisciple, I'm not sure the reasons you're staying there but if you can get out of there and just go anywhere (nevermind the Anglosphere, even if it's Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal would be a huge improvement)."
If it were just me I would go after stashing about 5 years salary here but I was raised with Asian values(Chinese), one of which is I need to take care of my elderly parents(75 and 85), they can't move elsewhere and I won't put them in a home unless it's absolutely necessary, plus which I help them out a lot financially and physically, otherwise they would be house bound(they both are getting on in age so this isn't an indefinite situation which will last years)

My eventual plan is to "inpat", since I'm not really a people person at all and can do without human contact for very long periods of time I plan to move to a remotely populated place in Canada. I'm investigating the Yukon territory because it's remote and I hear people there actually mind their own business!, plus which having being raised in Canada I'm not fond of or able to tolerate very hot weather(above 100F would do me in!) but don't mind cold weather(-10C in a Fall jacket doesn't bother me at all). I feel a kind of psychological freedom when I'm on a frontier and away from civilization that I can't describe very well.

Kestrel writes

spocksdisciple, thanks for the informative reply! Definitely will not be visiting Alberta anytime soon (though I am always up for a good steak, I don't think it'd be worth the trip).

If you can suck it in for a few years while your parents are still alive, live below your means, and sock away as much money as you can, then you should be able to live like a king in the outskirts.

I took a road trip a couple of hours outside of Toronto this weekend, out in the country the air was clean, the food fresh was from local farmers and the people were friendly (I met a group of people and within minutes they invited me back to their place for a swim).

The only thing it doesn't have is sex that I want. But then again, it might be worth it to make a trip once a week into town for some incall action.