Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How I make my life work Part 5

Dogwild writes

I think there is really no doubt that pay for service is cheaper in the long run. This is true not only based on expenses of entertaining a woman, providing for her, divorcing her, etc. It is also true in terms of time and energy. Women are an endless time sink.

Nevertheless, you cannot have children through these types of "relationships" -- thus if you want children you exclude yourself. I almost think all the hell I went through was worth it for the children. Also, I just can't imagine that a pay for service experience can ever really match an honest to god "love making" experience. A girlfriend or a wife when she is at the peek of the relationship (usually near the beginning) with some luck is going to give a real good and sincere performance that a pay for service lady will never give.

I have done the pay thing some. I have gotten some reasonable performances but I have also had some literally unpleasant experiences. On the other hand, my experience with girlfriends and wives is that they will perform almost without exception very well at least for a time. If they are willing to do it, they are usually in the right mood, etc. Of course, the girlfriend and wife thing particularly the wife thing got real ugly late in the relationships.

I guess everything has its pros and cons. Where I am this is illegal although it is legal across the border a few hours away. Obviously, it can never be worth it if you end up on the sex offender's list. Talk about double standards. I think a man can get on the list for a one time encounter with a paid lady but the paid lady who has accepted money hundreds or thousands of times is not put on the list. What kind of damn sense does that make?

I notice I use the plural more inappropriately with respect to wife or wives, etc.

I was married only once something I take pride in.

I get annoyed at guys who keep going back for more. A friend of mine just married for the sixth time (he married at least one of those women more than once).

What is wrong with these guys. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Marriage is a relationship that makes no legal sense whatsoever.

For the life of me, I cannot see any benefit. You don't even get a presumption that you aren't raping her if you are having sex with her. I suppose you might get a little better chance of seeing your children (and being their "official father") but even this is shaky.

On the other hand, with marriage, there is not just the financial downside, I think there is a downside to the relationship. The sense of power that women have in marriage is destructive.

I realize I am straying off point. But, one thing I have noticed for some time even in non-marriage relationships is the "controlling" nature of women. The women I run across want to tell me everything from what to wear to what to do to what to buy to how to run my business and everything else -- everything from small things to large things. I am making this up but the principle is accurate -- they want to tell me what brand of cereal to buy. They usually are not "suggesting" or "expressing an opinion" but literally "telling." My personal behavior is that once a woman does this more than once or sometimes even once I am gone. Long gone.

I did think of one benefit -- health insurance, etc. off her employment. I can't really think of any other. Inheritance isn't one because the same result can be achieved with a will. I suppose there could be some tax benefits under some circumstances.

However, these kinds of things are small compared to the disadvantages IMOH.