Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How I make my life work Part 3

Spocksdisciple writes

Although I don't indulge in that particular path I must say bravo, Kestral, In Western Canada(Alberta) things are a little bit more iffy about escort agencies, they are legal but sometimes the cops here do raid them. The problem where I live is that there is still a fairly substantial population of very conservative people which accounts for a sizable voting bloc. Heck we even have towns which are completely dry, ie a total prohibition on alcohol because of the majority Mormon population.

As for using SPs, my opinion is that if it works for you and isn't harming anyone then do it! I don't advocate breaking the law so your milage may vary depending in which part of the world you live in.

At least you're negotiating an upfront and honest deal with her and there isn't any bait and switch or other funny business going on.
What you see is what you get, too bad that most AW/WWs are scamsters, they're totally dishonest about the deal you're making(for sex, what else?) and will legally fleece you at the first opportunity they get.
Marriage used to be a contract between men and women for an exchange of "services" but now the only contract which even comes close is that between is escort and her client! How screwed up would that look to our ancestors?!

As for true love, as they say in the TV show "Mad Men", it was invented by advertising agencies to sell lingerie and perfume! And thats as true as it gets in today's culture.
In many cultures you don't have to love the person you're marrying, but you absolutely have to respect the letter of the contract you enter into! Adultery = Fraud in these cultures and that earns you very severe penalties.

There is no such thing as "free pussy", all of it comes at a cost, Kestral is astute enough to negotiate a fair market price for it, whereas a "nice guy" in the bar or getting married is being fleeced for 10x to 50x the true value! $200/hr is cheap compared to being accused of false rape, or false paternity and CS/Alimony. Also many escorts have a better system of "quality control", meaning medical exams for STDs to protect her and you whereas with your typical AW skank you could be getting a nasty surprise from them in addition to legal troubles.

An escort can't really frame you for false rape/DV( a form of contract fraud) etc unless she wants to be permanently out of business because nobody would touch her ever again. As I said, this form of contract is lot more "secure" then doing the PUA route, of course one must be able to afford it!

So I'm of the opinion that if it's legal where you are and it works for you why not?

Kestrel writes

Wow, thanks for the great replies!

Spocksdisciple, my condolences to you on living in Calgary, even though I've never been there (and please do correct me if any of this is wrong), everything I have heard about Calgary (and Alberta in general) is that it's a shithole:
- There is no sense of art of beauty in Alberta, all ugly generic cookie cutter houses
- Housing is super expensive (whether you buy or rent)
- Shitty options when it comes to a wide variety of good ethnic food
- Jobs mostly in shitty "Old Economy" industries, most notably oil
- Dickhead rednecks in pickup trucks and their mean pig-faced wives in SUVs
- A huge population of people that are just there to work, so they don't care about the city or other people
- Things are expensive

Spocksdisciple, I'm not sure the reasons you're staying there but if you can get out of there and just go anywhere (nevermind the Anglosphere, even if it's Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal would be a huge improvement).


From what I have read in the Toronto escort review board, Toronto is a particularly good place in North America to go "hobbying", as the veterans call it, because the quality of the SPs is high and the price is relatively good (apparently it's 1.5-2x the cost in Vancouver and in smaller cities the selection is much crappier, though I've also heard that Montreal is an even better place to get SPs, but my game is good enough and the French girls are much better behaved so I don't need to SP in Montreal).


pyrelight - one day I plan to go to Eastern Europe and experience inexpensive escorts for pennies on the North American dollar, but right now, until I have enough to declare Complete Financial Independence, I am staying in Toronto. I am making the best of my current situation, doesn't mean I'll stay in it forever. Vietnam (and Eastern Europe) is quite the airplane ride (time) and $ away. So when you factor that in, staying put and getting SPs here locally is a reasonable cost of living.

btw, spocksdisciple nailed something so dead on, it bears mentioning, there are certain advantages to SPs, especially if you read the review boards, I can't say this too many times: READ THE REVIEW BOARDS before you go see an SP. That way you know that they're legit, that you'll get the service you desire, and there are no surprises (ie. she's 20 years older, the pictures are bait and switch, her pimp is waiting outside to mug you, it's law enforcement, etc etc etc).

So I'll say it again, READ THE REVIEW BOARDS, and only see girls that are well-reviewed.

One last thing, it's amazing how after I've had an SP session, for the next few days, the women notice me a lot more, it's as if they could smell it on me that I've had sex. There's a certain relaxedness, non-chalentness and glow of well-being that cannot be faked by "game", the women can sense it.