Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How I make my life work Part 2

Symphony writes

I don't find anything wrong with call girls, especially since American women have that perma-scowl look 24/7 - I don't know anyone who would approach someone with such an angry look on their face, and not expect a fight or argument, let alone have a relationship - you got to be pretty desperate to date an American woman...they seem very frigid, neurotic, angry, the world owns them something but has denied it to them...maybe happiness?

Having prostitution legal means you can actually remove the "I want to get laid so I will run game on the woman" act, since sex is readily available at any time for you, and the logical consequence is you'll find women in such countries much more nicer, friendlier, happier, they have no monopoly on sex and need to sharpen other skills (personality, cooking, cleaning, being the best girlfriend/wife to you, being a BETTER HUMAN, etc.) If you have the monopoly, product quality does not matter...since there is no where else to buy, thus seems the plight of American men.

I would suppose more men in America would be using call girls whenever they could...

Kestrel writes

Thanks for the replies.

I should mention that in my country (Canada), this is legal.

One thing I did want to mention that I noticed, I also posted this on the MGTOW board, and over there, everyone seems to be more interested in the, "A shaming c*** speaks" thread.

This tells me that a lot of people would rather complain and indulge in their anger. Maybe it's a phase people go through and I've been through that already.

I'm past that point. I realize that life is short and it's best to make the most of the situation you have, which is why I went out to look for a solution that works for me.

This is why I have a lot of respect for people like irlandes and Lee, as they both actually went out to find a solution.

Going forward these are the only threads I will read and participate in.

EDIT: oh wow, someone finally replied on the MGTOW board, here's my response:

Here in Canada, like marijuana, this is generally legal.

As far as diseases go, there are escort review boards, I've been lurking on my local city one for years and I have to tell you, disease has not been an issue.

I should also mention, I have only seen 2 SPs so far, one from Eastern Europe, and one from Korea.

From the reviews I have read, the younger WW SPs are generally pretty bad in service and attitude (no surprise there). My suggestion to anyone who wants to experiment with this option is to find your local escort review board (all the big cities have them) and before you see any SP, read the reviews first so then you have no surprises.

As far as cost goes, for one hour incall it costs about $200 usd, for half an hour about $120 usd.

I have been doing one hour incall every two weeks, so my monthly expense would be ~$400 usd per month.

I'm thinking of switching to half hour incall every week so my expense will go up a little but I'll have more poon per week

imo this costs less than "free" pussy in terms of Time, Money, Energy, Attention, and the girls I have seen so far, the EE was to me a 10 and the Korean girl a 9.

Analyzing writes

Good for you kestral...

obviously in the States you have to do it the, old fashion legal way... exchanging material goods or certain "resources" for a little fun..hehehe

you're adapting...and if it makes you happier...then an Exalt for you

"imo this costs less than "free" pussy in terms of Time, Money, Energy, Attention, and the girls I have seen so far, the EE was to me a 10 and the Korean girl a 9."