Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fuckers and Suckers Part 3

Since I have booked marked this link, I will add a few MGTOW Testimonies in here as well.

This one came from Angry Harry's Site

his is from angryharry.com via one of the men's sites....

Young man gives up, …

Hi AH, I have recently discovered your site and find your articles intelligently put together and consistent with areas of science and research I have spent time researching myself.

I find your article titled Men Behaving Badly - Why? particularly interesting, bacause I see it going on all the time, with people I know and I am also a good example of it.

My story: Im 25 yrs old, I have felt discriminated against as a male for as long as I can remember, and my relationships with women have been nothing but hassle and pain, due to the way women are taught and socially programmed to behave by society and the media.

Having seen countless examples of male friends and other men I know have their lives destroyed by women, financially and emotionally and nobody caring at all, I have given up on relationships with women.

Yes, thats right, at 25 yrs old I will never marry or even date a women in this country (uk) again, my attitudes in life have completely changed over the last few years from being one of a very friendly, hardworking person, to being completely self centered, and I dont apologise for it, I feel its pointless to behave in a way that is politically correct, because you have little to gain and everything to lose. Having contemplated suicide on several occasions, my atitudes have now changed and I choose to stay alive, but these days I work only part time, and have no intention of contributing anymore to society, i will not support any woman or do anything to help anyone or society if I dont have to, I spend all my time with many hobbies, interests and sports that I enjoy so much, and I engage in sex tourism on an annual basis.

This is of course due to feminism and they way men are treated today, I am merely doing what women already have the freedom to do with the support of society. What you may find interesting is I am happier this way and I enjoy life, why wouldn’t I? - given the way society treats men.

Feminism is so incredibly destructive to society, men and also to women, and unless things change, it will be in mens interest to behave in a way that is detrimental society if they want to live happy fulfilling lives.

Keep up the good work


Hello M


You are very wise to do what you are doing. And there are now many thousands of men like you who have decided to devote their time simply to pursuing whatever they feel like pursuing. They take no responsibility for anyone else and they certainly have no intention of hitching up with a woman for anything but the most casual of contacts.

And instead of working their backsides off in order to make themselves more suitable and more attractive in the sphere of marriage and children, they are simply enjoying themselves, pursuing their own interests, and taking things easy.

And, from what I can gather, they seem to be much, much happier than are those who are lumbered with the unending demands of some woman with whom they are supposed to be having a ‘close’ relationship.

And why should men spend so much of their time working when some 50% (**not** 35%) of what they earn is going to be taken away from them - by force - in order to fund a horde of self-serving crooks in government - crooks who will use much of that money to make matters even worse for them.

There are a lot of men floating around this website who subscribe to the MGTOW (men going their own way) groups that are found hither and thither, and, judging by what I have read, it seems that once you have thrown off the idea that you ‘need’ a woman, or that you ’should’ have one, it does not take long before you begin to appreciate just how liberating this can be.

Indeed, I remember one fellow (on SYG) describing how he used to spend hundreds of hours - and a good deal of money - trying to find himself a decent woman - nightclubs, parties, internet dating, socialising; and so on - as well as nice clothes, haircuts etc - but that he had given all of this up when he lost his job and had to take up another job with only half the pay. Before long, however, he discovered that he had much more time to pursue his real interests in life and that - without all the socialising, womanising etc- he actually did not need very much money to live a life that made him much happier than he was before!

And one of the things that he now enjoys doing with his time is taking on those wicked scumbags who are causing all the problems - i.e. he has become another Angry Harry!


On a more serious note; if you read the stuff on this website you will discover that the government and the feminists pour huge amounts of money, energy, and resources into schemes and ideas that will promote the breakdown of people’s close relationships and that will also make **all** relationships more insecure while, at the same time, doing their best to stir up hatred between men and women.

These people are the enemies of men. They really are. (They are the enemies of women too, but most of these are too busy wallowing in their so-called ‘empowerment’ to recognise what is going on.) And so I hope that while you are enjoying your liberation from western women, you will also devote some of your time to attacking these people and undermining them.

Best wishes