Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fuckers and Suckers Part 4

One time when I was blogging an anonymous writer left this comment.

I retire comfortably this year at age 45. As a young man I dreamed of finding a pretty, wholesome young lady with a pleasant personality to court, marry and raise a family with like so many generations before me had, but alas, it never happened.

Enter reality and feminist modern times: Remove the grossly obese, the high mileage VD ridden sluts, the bitchy career women or a combination of all three and your choices are limited to well, nothing I could find in the last 30 years. Very limited. We're talking finding a needle in the haystack, but first having to find the haystack limited.

Thank you American women for making me avoid and distrust you because of your rotten selfish behavior during my prime nesting years when my hormones were raging and my thoughts were not always clear. I now see it was a trap that I avoided altogether and you made sure I steered clear of it by showing your true nature early before I became shackled for life. Again, thank you. I couldn't of done it without you. I will now live out the remainder of my life in leisure doing as I please with a non removable grin on my face while others who were not so lucky work themselves into an early grave trying unsuccessfully to please a rapidly aging wife and spoiled, ungrateful children.

Bachelorhood is habit forming

Here is a good comment left by Egghead in Marky Mark's Blog.

I'm a bit older now. When I was younger, I would have agreed that finding "that special someone" was worth the hard work of looking. But, as I said, I'm a bit older now. My - ah -ardor has cooled off now, and I've become very comfortable in the life I've built for myself. Upsetting the apple cart by beginning a drama-filled relationship just doesn't sound all that appealing anymore.

I once read a novel where one character (a woman playing matchmaker) said to another (a younger woman), "I've noticed that bachelorhood is habit-forming." Whether the author of that novel realized it or not, there is a lot of truth in that statement. After having lived as a bachelor for a long time, I don't feel any strong need to rush out and start a new relationship. So, if women want men to commit to them, they had better get these men while they're young, because older gentlemen are a much harder fish to land. Unfortunately, young women these days seem to enjoy partying and being unencumbered, even though they plan to get married when they are "older."

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the above is a recipe for disaster, now, does it?

Sjenner writes

Frankly after banging dozens of sluts in the past 10 years, it really is not worth the trouble anymore. I enjoy the peace of mind and freedom as a bachelor. I did have dates before with American skanks recently in the last few years and they all play games and expect demands to be met. Its refreshing to be done with that crap now.

Superbad writes

by 40 the vagina fog is lifts. behold all the "tough guys" being led around by their bitch wives. obedient lapdogs. living for the next whiff of fatso's vagina. you can NEVER go wrong by just putting off marriage. date as if you are the Master Control Program in Tron... "Get this clown trained. I want her in the Games until she gets dumped or walks. Get her some knee pads. Make me a sandwich. End of line."

Eldred 30 writes
There definitely seems to be something magical about the age of forty. No more of that cloudy-headed thinking about "love" or "the one". How I ever fell for that societal programming...I don't know.

I still mess around with women form time to time, but I'm VERY careful. Very picky too. Come to think of it, in my ENTIRE life, I've only had 3 truly good sex partners. These gals were all petite (around 100 or 110 lbs.), took care of their vaginas (no smell), had near perfect waist-to-hip ratios, and were active partners. The vast majority of women are lazy, sloppy, and smelly...pure crap. Before 30, having them was better than nothing, but after 40, no way--it's just gross.

Hearing about OldSchool's cats running for the hills when the woman came over made me laugh out loud.

Eldred 30 also writes


I posted this

Marky Mark ran this piece on his blog and he got a very good comment from filrabat

Here is what filrabat had to say

the late 20's- early 30's women changing their priorities, yet discovering a lot of "suckers" aren't going for them.

It's not just that, it's that - unfortunately for women, this is also the age at which the male libido declines noticeably!


1.Age 30 is customarily a kind of “expiration date” for women: their looks start to fade, their parts are in the first stages of drooping, their vagina isn’t as tight as it used to be, they’ve accumulated baggage and bad experiences with men, and hence more and more of the “hot player” types start abandoning them for younger women (especially if those men aren’t married).

2.Among responsible early 30s men, beauty itself starts to lose attraction value, no matter how “well” a 27-23 year old woman kept her looks. True, men that age still remain physically attracted to such beauty, but often that’s as far as it goes. Life’s experience works against highly attractive women here. By this age, men have seen lots of “hot” and exciting women who aren’t necessarily kind-hearted, honest, and relatively drama-free. In fact, many men associate physical attraction and charming personalities with being arrogant, spoiled, and even a bullying manner.

3.The definitions of “attractive enough” itself begin to expand. Or maybe it's just that a man's idea of an attractive woman changes. Anyway, the fact remains that women whom men would not have been quite turned on to at age 25 start can become physically attractive (in a different way)at age 30. What that means is that So even “hot” 30 year olds have more competitition, particularly if the “adequately attractive” 30 year old woman has many other traits that compensate for her lack of high-level hotness.

4.Men in their late 20s-early 30s look more for substance, personal content, and general emotional trustworthiness. Among these, the most important are openmindedness, compassion, a love of high-iq topics, nonjudgmentalism toward trivial traits in a man. The men still in the market will sacrifice A LOT in the way of looks, charm, excitement, and general photogenicity and telegenic lifestyles to get these traits (those who have a good sense, and hence good husband material, at least).

So to reiterate, just when the party girls start to get a clue and show interest in the so-called "suckers", the "suckers" themselves find even sex itself losing its appeal,certainly the notion of a relationship losing its appeal.