Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fuckers and Suckers Part 2

Oldschoolbmx37 writes

Am I the only one that is completely repulsed by the idea of sex, anymore? Yeah, I've done it. I was both of these characters, off and on, for 20 years. Now, with 7 months of a sex-free life under my belt, I cannot fathom ever wanting to do it again, or even have a woman that close to me to begin with. I'd rather be left the hell alone. I feel like I am constantly having to fend them off at times, I guess because of this attitude.. that I just don't care about women at all. It's like.. I am attractive, in decent shape, dress nice, have house/car/job all of that, and I am positive that I could go out any weekend and bed down some slut, if I wanted... except that I don't. I don't even want anyone to know where I live.. the thought of having a random in my house like.. a security risk. The last time I had a girl here, back in early December, for some hanky-panky, I remember my 2 cats ran and hid the entire night, like I was letting something bad into the safety and happiness of our house. After she left, I remember taking a long shower and asking myself why did I do it? Boredom? I should have just watched a movie and chilled, rather than driving a hundred miles round trip to meet her, then back here (she followed me.) No, we didn't have intercourse, but did everything else practically. I kicked her out about 3. I was really tired then for the rest of the weekend, and felt constantly irritated about the whole thing.

What does that make me, then?

I still have no answer.

Dave writes

Feeling about the same bmx, I've lost interest in them. Dealing with women isn't fun or worth the trouble. The only reason I can think of for men to put up with their nonsense is for sex which has lost it's appeal so there is no draw at all for me.

I much rather chill out after work and relax. At this point I consider porn to be superior, it's a lot safer, easier, and it's free.

Turned on the computer tonight and MSN has a thing about 15 rules for single guys, about how to please women. Ha, Do all that shit for a chance to please a woman? Give me a break. Most of the women I've been with have been fairly passive in bed, the guy ends up doing most of the work just like in everything else.

The only time I have wanted a woman was when looking at travel brochures and all the prices are based on double occupancy. But then again more than likely she'd expect me to pay her way.

Sjenner writes

After my sex drive went down at almost 40, I am not in the need driven to risk my life and finances for the stink hole anymore. With all the nasty STDs around and child support penalties, sex is just like playing Russian roulette with a loaded gun unless you have escorts and exercise caution.

Oldschoobmx37 writes

Thanks, guys! This is why I love this board. Dave, you couldn't be more right. All the women I've ever been with have been pretty passive. I'd always have to bust my ass and do all of the work, while they lay there, or god forbid you have them get up on top, but even then, you still have to do 90% of the work. What's the deal with these "new" 15 rules? What bullshit. Just thinking about having to jump through hoops again to score some new bitch in my life makes me feel less than well. Fuck that. Sjenner, you know I always look up to you and what you say, and here again, I'm with you. Thanks, brother.

Bruce, actually I was thinking of the same thing earlier this morning, for some reason - about things I want to do next week, when I am off for "spring break." (I'm in education). Not even one of them had anything to do with meeting/dating a woman, despite that I have two right now that are practically throwing themselves at me.. wonder why? Both are single, attractive and... one's 32, and the other 34. Baby rabies. Gotta-getta-man fever.

I'm NOT throwing away my peaceful, chill life, well-being and finances for that. If I was a "fucker" and did either one, and one of them got pregnant? Life would turn to shit. I don't trust women about birth control - even in my commited relationships in the past, there would be worries and "oops, I forgot to take my pill for a couple of days" scares. I'm NEVER AGAIN dealing with that end of the month stress, when she's a day or two late.