Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cultural Devastation of American Women Part 7

Now I am on the chapter called The Married American Woman. In this chapter I am not going to post full paragraphs but will post a few partial paragraphs and it is indeed a good chapter.

This the first partial paragraph excerpt

But women disengaged by today’s marriages have larger and more complex issues than laziness. I believe many women are seething. They want something, but have everything. The need something, but can’t define it. They are bored, but blame their boredoms on houses, husbands, and children. Still, it’s more than this – more than standard, day-to-day, normal life. I wonder if American women feel compelled by their culture to dislike men.

Next partial paragraph excerpt

Also, today’s women are resentful of cooking. Most do not know how to cook, which leave them feeling incompetent and embarrassed. But women also don’t like the idea of being perceived by husbands and children as the family chief due to gender. This reeks of servitude, and women don’t like to be perceived as servants to families. It’s insulting because she is a free American Woman who is no man’s servant. Many women are even uncomfortable with taking the surnames of their husbands as, this too, might be perceived as too traditional and ownership-oriented.

(Same paragraph but skipped some sentences)

Today, I see women who are honked off in the home. They have every luxury to make work easier, more pleasant, less physical, and quick to perform, yet women are angered by home’s work. They seem to over-blow their workloads. They hate cooking meals, though they rarely cook meals. They are constantly at odds with their children who mess up houses, but they hire maids to clean and never teach their children how to clean. And for some reason, their homes are never cleaned will enough or to their satisfaction. So they seethe and take normal family needs and footprints as personal attacks on their gender.

Here is a new partial paragraph excerpt

I’m also hearing from many women that they actually prefer not to have sexual relations with their husbands. What I’m told is that they are too tired from work or they have to get up too early or that they simply don’t want to deal with his physical needs. This is not a good sign. It’s very, very anti-biological, but far beyond this; sex is needed to keep married people close.

(Same paragraph but skipped some sentences)

I’m hearing women in their 20’s and 30’s complaining about sex and, in some cases, all but refusing to participate, or I hear that “maybe once every month or two, and even “every year or two.” Sorry, but this is not normal. And it seems to be always discussed in terms of a disrespecting disenchantment with husbands. This does not make sense.

Here is a full paragraph excerpt and the last one I am going to post in this chapter.

I’ve seen younger women cringe at the touch of their husbands. I’ve seen them turn their faces away from impending kisses. I’ve seen women literally pull away from gentle and affectionate advances by husbands. And while her face is wincing, his falls with rejection that clearly doesn’t understand. Once again I say, have women not figured out that men need women- the key word being “need?”

The next chapter is called What the World Sees. This is another quality chapter.

Here are the a few sentences in the introduction paragraph.

In India, the most frequently watched American television programs are 1) Baywatch and 2) World Wide Wrestling. My initial reaction was – thank God they aren’t watching Desperate Housewives, Wife Swap, Nip Truck, or The Swan. I cringe to think of the shows viewed by those who despise Americans.

Here is another partial paragraph excerpt.

What is also disconcerting is the image of American women on American television. I see the American female deteriorating yearly on TV. I see her portrayal as violent, crass, sexually exploitive and exploited, immodest, and again, plasticized with massive over-grooming (bleached teeth, false nails, overly made up, provocative clothing, unnatural hair, too thin, and publicly obnoxious in manner, voice, and tone). She is Hollywood – artificial –and very often portrayed as vamp, vixen, murdered female, adulteress, criminal, or brainless ignoramus- but she is almost always portrayed as a sex object in some way, shape, or form entertainment purposes. I’m afraid that the world sees American women as stupid, shallow, sexy grotesque, and available –even when they are mothers and wives.

Last Partial Paragraph Excerpt

And many American women, many of whom I believe are bored to the point of instabilities, imitate televised images of wealthy women and Hollywood living. When the world sees American women as brainless self absorbed sluts on television, then television role models can and have been addictively dangerous. They are dangerous to us. We morally desensitize.

The next chapter is called An Over-Punished and Repeating History. This is decent but not great. In this chapter she talks about how grateful she is having lots of freedoms that many women in other countries don’t have. She is very pissed off and rants about the way the media and television portrays women. She believes today’s American woman has offended American women from previous generations who fought for equal rights. She can’t imagine how those women would feel if she saw the way the current modern day American woman is behaving.

Here is one of two short paragraph excerpts.

When we settled for Hollywood as “the” role model for female beauty, we settled for intellectual enslavements over Constitutional rights, we settled for ourselves in –alive, functioning day to day, unsettled, and living lies that we know are lies. We have come to accept pretense on living scales.

Here is the other short paragraph excerpt in this chapter.

As we are the luckiest women in all human history, I am personally repulsed every time I meet one more self-absorbed female. I am offended by her shallowness, which is a slap in the face to women who continue to suffer slaveries to the extreme. If we do not wise up and realize that there is an undermining perpetrated on us, we will never be respected, nor will degradation of our gender call it affluence and liberation. We are denying ourselves our brainpower and contributing nothing of value to our world. It seems we’ve learned history’s lessons far to well.

The next chapter is called Pretty Bullies. I thought this is a beautiful chapter. There will be some length excerpts because this is one of her best chapters.

Partial Paragraph Excerpt

Today, girls are bullies too, and their numbers in schools have been growing for decades. They also run in packs that we call social clicks and tend to be two types: gangs or cheerleaders.

I will not post about the girl gangs so you guys will have to buy the book if you want to learn what she has to say about them. I am only going to focus on the cheerleaders.

Here are two short paragraph excerpts
Mothers and schools create cheerleader gangs. They are educated in the arts of shunning, self-evaluation, and taught they are role models for other girls. They are verbally cutting, cruel, mocking, and they deliberately insult and gossip to cause social damage to their victims.
They are the cream of the crop of teenage beauty in American schools, and they usually date school athletes. They are also party girls, often sexually active, and typically the children of the middle and upper-middle classes.

Here are the last two paragraphs of the chapter and one of them is quite lengthy.

I’ve heard women bark orders loudly and in public to children. Not requests, but absolute orders where no compromise, no consideration, no options, and no responses permitted, whatsoever. It’s the type of language and expression you’d expect to hear in military boot camps or prisons, but not toward children. I’ve seen women slap children on their heads and backs while barking orders. I’ve seen women screaming at children for sitting down, standing up, drinking water, for day dreaming, for turning cart wheels, and for resting after tremendous physical activity during soccer –literally punishing children for being children. And I see an unreasonable anger that is actually not anger at all, but rage that manifests from an irrational desire to control something. And these women are also orchestrating the social training grounds for girls –cheerleading, for instance. This is scary stuff. And I continue my concern that American women are literally on an edge of stability themselves when innate mothering instincts are not functioning normally. I see women who are losing it publicly, and in large numbers, when it comes to their reactions to children. They become unglued with rage at the slightest infraction of a child’s behavior or when children question her fury. And I also see women trying to regain composure and calm themselves after their explosions of temper. I see women attempting to “shake it off,” which are a masculine behavior and response to anger. I see women who don’t even attempt false kindness. These women are actively involved with the social and emotional destruction of their daughters’ psyches. Not only do the sexualize their female children with clothing like short-shorts with giant words printed on the seats, belly pants and shirts, which are clearly sexually explosive and dictatorial temperaments, and expectations of physical perfections. In other words, they model unbalanced behavior. So sorry, but true.

Today’s cheerleader will be tomorrow’s mother. She will see herself as prettier than most, socially elevated above most; she will be critical of most, she will be self-absorbed and looks-oriented, she will be demanding of her way as a superior person, and she will be hell on her children, for she will expect them to be beautiful, obedient, and perfect. And I fear that today’s mothers are today’s mental cases as they attempt to recreate their youth and beauty, ever so angrily, in their daughters. Hence, the next subject of this book, which addresses an American mental illness called “beauty.”

Remember guys the family court system award today’s modern day American Woman sole custody of the children 85-90%. I hate to say this but those kids are going to be mentally fucked up. There will be one more summary that will cover the final 13 pages of Section 2 called the “culture”.