Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cultural Devastation of American Women Part 6

Section 2 begins which is called the Culture.

The first chapter is called the truth about Males and Females by Anti-Experts. It is an interesting chapter. In the beginning many years ago one of Nancy’s daughter complained why are boys so stupid. She finally conceded that boys aren’t stupid.

Here is a one sentence excerpt

Unfortunately women mistake the uni-tasking male for stupid, disinterested, or bored, and men mistake the multi-tasking females for crazy, bitchy, and controlling.

Then Nancy and her daughter observed the boy’s in her daycare center for many hours and observed this.

Little boys perform pretend-falling down rituals for females.
Little boys build lego figures for females.
Little boys need to hear that females are pleased with their projects.
Little boys tell females about their talents.
Little boys frequently check to see where females are in the house.
Little boys frequently touch or lean upon females.

Nancy concluded that little boys need close proximity to females. Then she goes on to say that adult men need females to be pleased with them on multiple levels. I beg to differ because when the females let the males rot all alone for a long period of time; eventually they will become indifferent to them and will lose the power they once had over men. Men will adapt to reality sooner rather than later.

Nancy also does a little bit of male bashing in this chapter here is a paragraph from this chapter.

In today’s America, where women can function with or without men, a fundamental need in males has been taken away and men are wounded. It is why they make fun of those who call themselves feminists. It is why they insult women casually with other men. It is why, at times, they grow to hate women and become violent toward them. It is at the core of a rage-filled divorce, because at the core of their being, which is their gender, and their very nature and instincts as males, they have become culturally unnecessary of definition creates a dangerous world for women and children. As I’ve said before, men without definition are wild, violent and, yes, stupid. They always have been and will continue to be, because that’s their nature of the male being. If they are unneeded and undefined by their place with women and children, they can be dangerous and stupid. Women know this. So do girls. Gangs of young men and boys, without a defined purposeful distraction of females with their biological agendas and goals, are unstoppable in their potential of stupidities. It doesn’t make women better or smarter. The two genders, together, civilize each other to a larger extent than when alone. When paired, male to female, women are less chaotic, nervous and vulnerable, and men are simply more civilized. This isn’t rocket science. You don’t need a manual. That about covers it.

The next chapter is called the Contrived Romance. This is a very interesting chapter. It starts about most American getting their idea of romance from television and media. American romance tends to happen quickly of going out on dates, kissing, and then going to bed. Prince Charming is usually just Prince ordinary. Nancy admits that marriage is very difficult to maintain in a selfish and materialistic culture. She is also amazed that the bride and groom would spend thousands of dollars on a fairy tail wedding.

Here are a couple of short excerpts

Try to produce true romance in this house. Husbands or men feel very uncomfortable with cold, angry, and selfish women who live in sterilized, overly done houses. Husbands want homes where they are comfortable and needed. Women who are uncomfortable in their own skins, and who turn homes into galleries that cannot be disturbed, or can only be used for show and company, are emotionally unhealthy. Facts are Facts.

Here is another very short excerpt

One suggestion came from a friend: if marriage licenses cost $10,000.00, maybe people would think very carefully about their partners, their futures, and their family planning goals. It’s an interesting thought.

I will give my two cents on this issue. If you’re reading this and your thinking I can’t afford $10,000 for a marriage license. What I have to say is being poor at the moment is the best thing that could have ever happened to you and when you do start acquiring wealth hopefully you will wise up by then. It’s amazing one has to pay $10,000 for a license in order to have the privilege of paying for your and your ex wives divorce fees, lose your home you worked hard for, pay outrageous alimony and child support payments, and if you ended up having kids, lose sole custody of your children to a cold hearted bitch.

If you do have $10,000 on your hands, you would be better off buying $10,000 of stock in Cat food and Vibrator companies. Even better yet go take a vacation to Brazil, Thailand, Philippians, and an Eastern European country.

The next chapter is called Reader’s Request – Men at Home. This is one of Nancy’s finest writings. In my opinion it is one of the best chapter’s in the book. The whole four pages are worth reading. I will pick two paragraphs to post here but it was a four page master piece and every paragraph was a quality one.

Here is excerpt #1

Several readers asked for some words about men living with today’s super-spending, self-defying women. My first response is that I see men who are disenchanted, and I think that is a very bad sign. I’ve previously said that it frightens me that un-muse worth women could ultimately be dangerous to the female gender. I truly believe that men need women. They may desire them sexually, but I think men function more civilly when engaged by women and engaged in families. Look at teenage boys who are without solid family bases – they roam in gangs and reek havoc in communities and upon teenage girls. Adult bachelor men are commonly disrespectful of women. Their conversations with other males about women are often exploitive. Their lifestyles are often sexually predatory. When men take their sex drives into marriages, they are fundamentally better for society as a whole. However, men tend to cease communicating, seethe beneath the surface, and their thoughts turn easily to other women or to packing up behaviors with other men.

Here is the other excerpt, the entire chapter would be worth posting but I don’t have the time to type up Nancy’s entire book.

Unhappy men avoid the family, children included, though it’s not the children he resents. It’s who he considers embarrassing – the bossy bitch with the bad attitude directed at him. They avoid these women at all costs. They avoid the demanding, sullen, crying, over emotional, drunk, and insulting woman. As said before, men need intelligent women to run the home. If she can’t, he is unsettled and slips into pack mode. In other words, he runs with the boys (football, basketball, baseball, TV, teams, bars, boys nights out, fishing, lying, and chasing women). All things that drive women nuts – but he moves toward them and avoids the unhappy and artificial doghouse purposefully to get away from “her”.

There is 32 pages to go and I will try to wrap it up in two more summaries.