Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cultural Devastation of American Women Part 5

It’s time to wrap up section one!

The next chapter is Weight There is More is more about overweight women and I prefer not to give overweight women my time of day. On to the next chapter!

The next chapter is called the Shallow Well. This is an amazing chapter and an amazing chapter like this one deserves lengthy excerpts. I couldn’t figure out which one was better so I am going to post both of the length excerpts here.

Here is the first lengthy excerpt

Today’s women tend to make sport of trashing and gossiping about other women and children. They literally invent stories and suspicions and spread them throughout their peer groups and then return to their interior decorators, their purchases, and their health and beauty regimens. And when the poor soul who they’ve just lambasted walks by, they all say, and I quote “…hello…how are you…” with bored intonations and they smile and look away and to each other once the soul has passed by. And they feel superior while their cruelty is as public and visible as their blinding teeth. And their silence is horrendous when the soul, once more, walks near.
I don’t get it. It has to do with social structure, with shunning those who they sense to be less, but less than what? They are incessantly judgmental and at the same time, as unaccomplished, uninspired, and useless as they have ever been in human history. They talk incessantly of themselves and positively childish projects. And they do not talk about work, if they work. They are so emotionally snagged upon themselves that they are hateful toward most others, and this is really, really scary because they are also mothers. And I see the results of their classism clearly in their children. More quotes from the daycare:

“Mommy says that Rachel’s mom is trash”
“Mom says that I can’t play with my friend because her house is trash.”
“Mommy says I have to be a cheerleader so I have nice friends.”
“Mommy says you have cheap clothes.”
“Mom says her friend is a slut.”
“Mom says we can only be friends with kids in our neighborhood.”
“Mommy says Black people are weird. What’s Black people?”
“Mommy says the boy who sits next to me in school is bad.”
“Mommy says {name} doesn’t know how to decorate.”
“Mom says {name’s} dad is a loser.”

Here is the other excerpt which I found to be a very explosive and beautiful rant.

In large numbers, it is becoming vogue for middle-class women to be cruel, dividing, and mean-spirited. It has become, in fact socially acceptable and mandated in the circles of women who see themselves as upper class, though they are, in reality middle-class. They are so diluted that their intellects are literally dying. They don’t even know their socio-economic levels. And I say this: you can’t cover stupidity and cruelty with all the make up and bleach in the world. Your children will grow to be ghastly people and your husbands, if they have backbones, will leave you. Your horrible behaviors will leave generational wakes of judgments and unkindness and hatreds between normal, average people –what you are – no more, no less, And how did you come to the collective conclusion that group lynching was your means to exclusiveness and superiority? It’s positively bizarre.. Granted – extreme wealth has always claimed exclusivity, but you are middle class, average women who contribute just about nothing to society. On what is your superiority based? Your fully loaded credit cards? Your large, cheaply build houses? Your large, cheaply build houses? Your blinding teeth?
Shallow wells dry up. Deep wells provide for the long term. And no one, including your children, will want you when you’re old, homely, and mean in spirit. Worst-case scenario? They will become you and as worthless as you became.

The next chapter is called the Divorced Child. This is another quality chapter, however I will only post a small excerpt from this one but it’s definitely worth reading.

Here is the excerpt:
Women initiate most divorce proceedings, and I don’t believe it’s because many men cheat. I think women leave marriages because they are unhappy and bored. I’m not saying that anyone should stay in an unhappy and boring marriage. I just think we should begin in an honest place. American women do not like boredom. Over shopping, over grooming, and self-lavishing demonstrates this—clearly. We have all grown in a culture that is entertainment-oriented. Boredom has become a mental illness in our culture, and we need to acknowledge this, as well. Bored American women get silent (a sure sign of trouble) and bitchy. We get itchy for change. We are a product of our culture and we enjoy “newness” just as America enjoys newness. It is our culture’s unique phenomenon and curse.

The next chapter is the Single American Mom. Not impressed with this chapter. She says there are good and bad single mothers. This chapter mainly tries to get the reader to feel sorry for them. I for one can’t feel sorry for them in fact look at the summaries of the previous two chapters if you need any proof.

Well this concludes Section 1. Section 2 is 43 pages long. That will be the last section I cover because in my opinion the quality level drops off considerably in section 3. Section 2 is called the Culture. When I get around to it, I will start posting summaries on that section.