Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cultural Devastation of American Women Part 8

This will be the last summary I will do on The Cultural Devastation of American Women. I plan to cover the last 13 pages in section two called the Culture.

The next chapter is called The Mental Illness of Beauty. This is a quality chapter but after the chapter Pretty Bullies it may appear to be not so great. None-the-less I found a couple of quality paragraphs to sum up this chapter.

Excerpt #1
Today’s women are physically and mentally contrived. They are obsessive and compulsive about their bodies, their hair, their faces, and their clothing. They wake up feeling old, ugly, fat, frustrated, and angry because they are not young enough. They are obsessed with their bodies, the food they put into their bodies, and they hate themselves for every dessert, every fried food, every hamburger and carbohydrate they consume. So they work out, diet, starve, loose weight, gain weight, diet, starve, and work out. They hate themselves for eating. And they continue this cycle for decades. This is not normal behavior. It is obsessive, compulsive, destructive, addictive, disordered, and self-loathing behavior. And it’s all based upon a culturally imposed model of beauty. The mental illness has nothing to so with the husbands or boyfriends, self-improvement, or health. It has to do with how the culture has defined beauty. And we bought it, and continue to buy it with billions and billions of dollars each and every year, and nothing works.

Guys, this is what I call Mother Nature Justice! These are the women who snubbed good hard working men during their prime years. Yes, this is what they will be facing because of that and buying billions of dollars of beauty products will not get the job done. Because their will be more and more good hardworking men who will refuse to be their consolation prize.

Now onto the other excerpt in the chapter

When you bought into the hype, and you certainly have, you demeaned freedom by believing that your faces and bodies were of planetary importance. Do you really think that your bleached teeth, tanned skins, lifted or pealed faces: your manicures, fake breasts, lipo’d butt, or your hair matter to your children, husbands, or community? Do you think that, after you’ve spent hours at day spas, your family notices the make-up applied by the cosmetologist, the professionally tweezed eyebrows, and the wax job –or do they notice dinner is crap, if it exists at all? Or do they notice your anger, which is never seems to diminish or be resolved? Do they notice your obsession with what is or is not in the refrigerator, your diets, your workouts, and your constant complaining about your body and face? And are your daughters following down your paths of self-loathing?

The next chapter is called the Ugly Truth. It is only a two page chapter and I can conclude this in one sentence, she says there is no worse fate than to be an ugly woman. By trying to be thorough in this chapter I would basically be repeating what was already posted in the previous chapter.

The next chapter is called Women and Their Substances. For the most part it is more of the same but I will post one excerpt because many of you may find this to be pathetic.

I personally know women who take the following on a daily basis:

Advil or Mortin
Between five to 10 vitamins and supplements
Zoloft or Wellbutrin
Diet Fuel
Calcium and Vitamin D
Hypertension meds

The next chapter is called The Career. This is a decent chapter; here are a couple of excerpts.

Excerpt #1
Males are no longer providers. Parents are providers. And this has been an extremely difficult transition for males. It lessened their historical and familial definitions as the masculine gender. Women earning wages took something defining away from men. And the transition for women has also been a double-edged sword. It gave them freedom, education, and resources, but it also damaged their children, their children’s educations, and created a living environment where women were literally burning the candle at both ends, because the house work did not stop and was not shared by men, as a rule. With all women have gained as employed people, they have also absorbed tremendous feelings of guilt and anger.

Excerpt #2
It’s really quite a mess and I don’t see anyone or any entity even attempting to come up with solutions that are based upon the well being of children. Instead, more and more daycare centers daycare centers are built keeping longer and longer hours of operation so that moms and dads can compete at the work place. It is for certain your children are going to be horrible parents, for they haven’t been nurtured. You can’t buy nurturing. You can’t buy mother’s love and care when you purposefully avoid it 12 hours a day for income and careers.

The very last chapter I will be covering is The Nutshell – The Cultural Devastation of American Women. This is a decent chapter; Nancy got the ball rolling for most of the chapter then got off track on the last two paragraphs and put the blame on powerful men.

I will first going to post two beautiful and explosive excerpts and then the concluding paragraph that will need a rebuttal.

Here is the first excerpt in this chapter.

The resulting politicizing of feminism all but destroyed what it means to be a natural and biological female. In fact, feminism became a movement based upon anger, demands, and a demand that women think and believe in a prescribed and documented agenda. Political feminism actually worked to recapture the free will of women. Try disagreeing with a political feminist and discover what a dumb ass your free will has become. Try disagreeing with anything a political feminist has to say about anything. You would get the same attitude and look from a radical environmentalist – no compromise, no reflection, no regard or respect for the opinion of another, no deals. They are unapproachable, arrogant, and believe themselves to be intellectual elites – much akin to their CFR/Bilderberg brothers.

Here is the second excerpt

Political feminism has taken motherhood, nest, and the womanly arts of cooking, gardening, and nurturing away from women. Political feminism has helped to mandate the two-income family by insisting American women work outside of the home or be looked down upon by contemporary culture. Political feminism has helped to build the deplorable daycare industry, which is literally filled with minimum wage female employees – thanks a lot. Political Feminism helped to build the illegal immigrant nanny and handyman industry – thanks a lot. And political feminism helped to build the drive through junk food industry since working women don’t want to cook, and therefore, don’t know how to cook – thanks a lot. Political feminism helped specifically targets women and children as in New Freedom Initiative on destroy, literally destroy, the public education system in the United States of America, which is now a full blown dictatorship. How dare you, and how dare you claim to represent freedom for women.

Now that would have made a great conclusion however, this ended up being the concluding paragraph.

I mean, seriously –you want to purposefully destroy a perfectly good culture? Give dictatorial powers to a small group of rich men and destroy the female psyche. Then sit back and watch that culture go up in flames.

In the rant section of the American Women Suck Forum, there is a thread called Feminism’s third wave.

Jodistrict made a post that would make an excellent rebuttal to this concluding paragraph. Here it is:

A thoughtful article and he seems to be converging to the truth, except that he identifies the culprit as "corporate America". But, it wasn't corporations who put feminists in power in all our universities. It wasn't corporations that passed the laws so our judicial system conforms to feminist ideology. It wasn't corporate America who created the hundreds of NGOs of the UN designed to rule our lives. I don't think Wal-Mart has any inherent self-interest in installing a professor of feminist studies at Columbia University. Wal-Mart is more interested in selling cheap Chinese goods. The control is coming from a higher level. The corporations are individuals just like us being used as tools by the elite. And the article doesn't seem to address Zionism (although maybe he talks about it somewhere else). I believe that the man who has come closest to capturing the big picture is Alan Watt. Watt has an amazing grasp of history and shows how the forces that are controlling our society go back thousands of years. He also explains Zionism, Feminism, homosexuality, and how they are being used by the NWO to create a new culture.

That is the end of section two and I have now finished my last summary on The Cultural Devastation of American women.