Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cultural Devastation of American Women Part 3

I am now on the chapter “The Self-Rewarding Machine”

There are two things of interest to me in this chapter.

The first is about the local government channel on the television set.

Here is an interesting excerpt from her book.

You will see the Mayor present a plaque to the Chief of Police. You will see the City Manager present a plaque to the Mayor. You will see the Fire Chief present a plaque to the City Manager. And you will see all of them present plaques to all the Committee Men and organization heads and officials. Each and every meeting, you will see a rewards system, with plaques in hand, naming each recipient a hero or a humanitarian or a human servant or a best in show in one manner or another. This system builds resumes and vitas. This system builds professional credentials and politicians. And it never stops. It is a powerful machine and it is subtle. And we, the public, are clueless.

Here is the other excerpt in this chapter which I found interesting.

These questions are very, very common. I get them each and every month from two-parent families, both employed, and both broke one or more times a month. The asked me, the hired help, for loans, and they live in houses that are three times the size of mine and have automobiles that never, in my entire life, would I ever be able to afford. And they have weekly maid and lawn service, weekly hair and tanning appointments, gym memberships, and no food or savings. Go figure.

Religion, War, and Women is another quality chapter. I will only post a couple excerpts of a couple partial paragraphs. It would take me all night to write it all and there is still another 80 pages to go before I complete my summary.

We’ve never been able to reconcile Christianity with science. We’ve never come to terms with being predominantly Christian country with freedom. Let me explain. We are free to be gay. (According to the documentary “HIV=AIDS Fact or Fraud” 62% of the AIDS cases happen to be made up of gay people.) We are free to fornicate. nomarriage.com/women_cheat.shtml We are free to divorce. invisionplus.net/forums/index.php?mforum=ct4m&showtopic=1522 We are free to starve our children while belonging to country clubs and driving $45,000 automobiles. We are free to envy and want everything superstars are and have. We are free to attend or not attend church. We are free to work on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. We are free to kill in wars and to steal via bureaucracies and loopholes on and on… In other words, and with the kindest criticism I can think of, religion in America clashes with America. I don’t know what it means to be religious in America. It depends on who you talk to and the agendas of millions of people and institutions. I do, however, know what it means for Nancy Levant to be a religious person.

Here is the other excerpt in this chapter
A large part of the giant disconnection between people and God in America has a lot to do with women. Sorry, but facts are facts.

She hit the nail on the head with this sentence. What is the point of being a devoted Christian when women in their prime years will only screw bad boys, thugs, and players?

Women as Muse is another beautiful and well written chapter

She talks about how many years ago men would write poetry expressing love for a woman, or make other great sacrifices for them in order to win their affection. However, this does no exist here in America.

I especially loved her two concluding paragraphs, because it is a very explosive rant. Here are the last two paragraphs

With a 50-60% divorce rate in the United States, tens of millions of children reared by multiple fathers and boyfriends and men angered and wounded each and every divorce, perhaps woman will become unwanted too. Worst-case scenario? American men rid themselves of women as muse and opt for religious war. American men begin a slow but deliberate march of disregard for women and slowly change their minds about female as a gender. Don’t think this can happen. Look at Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan. Look at their women who, 35 years ago, were physicians, lawyers, politicians, and university professors. Look what happened to those women under the control of angry men who decided to set them back a few thousand years. Don’t think it can’t happen.

But as we know, true, muse-worth attraction is very hard to maintain. Closeness breeds the full and complete knowing of the one yelling for more toilet paper, snoring, passing gas in the bed, and belching at the dinner table, and, at times, smelling as ripe as Roquefort cheese. But still, we need our fascinations with each other. We need to remember this because when genders get really angry, culturally angry, and frustrated over several generations, bad things can happen to women and children. Men need women. And yes, they need us more than we need them in today’s world, but knowing so, they also need us to be their muses and their one true love, which is really a trusted, life-long confidant, lover, and friend. Don’t mess with Mother Nature. She is, after all, one tough broad though very, very wise.

Yes, Nancy is right when we are in our late teens-early 20’s we need women more than women need us. However, once we reach our mid to late 20’s, women need us more than we need them for the rest of our lives. Those women who thought it was cute to let the good hard working men rot in squander their prime years to players, bad boys, and thugs will have to face Mother Nature justice. Mother Nature justice will be very cruel and unforgiving.

Got another 28 pages to go before section one concludes! To continue tomorrow