Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cultural Devastation of American Women Part 2

Now I am moving into the next chapter called the “Unhappy Family”

I will not or try not to spend so much time per chapter as I gave to “Today’s Moms”

The highlight of the chapter the “Unhappy Family” is the fact that American Women are bad mouthing their husbands. They will tell their children very negative things about their fathers.

Here is an excerpt

And one more thing – an inherent disrespect by children for fathers also seems to come directly from moms. With that said, I offer more quotes from my daycare children.

“My dad is stupid.”
“My dad doesn’t like to be with us.”
“My dad doesn’t like it at home.”
“My dad is a control freak.”

On and on… Do you think three, four & five-year-olds come up with this on their own, or do you think they heard this from someone?

Skipping the chapter Lethargic Children, it has more whore stories of how American Women abandoned their children. It’s worth reading but it would be very time consuming to write. The whore stories are similar to the ones I posted about in the chapter “Today’s Mom’s.”

The next chapter is Hearth and Home, this is another quality chapter here are a few sentences from the concluding paragraph

American female, and again, she has copied the lifestyle of the ultra-rich by turning cheaply built, overly priced houses into museums oof social climbing and attention getting. Again I say, women, what has happened to your brains? What is this really all about? Let’s keep going.

I am going to skip the chapter “Child Care and Expectations of Perfection”. It is a decent chapter but I would never get any sleep if I tried to do a length summary on every chapter.

The next chapter is a four page chapter called “Clicks, Clacking, and Shunning.” This chapter is a great masterpiece. Nancy goes off on a explosive rant about today’s Soccer Mom’s.

Here is one paragraph of her explosive four page rant about today’s Soccer Moms.

But another fascination at the soccer fields is the soccer mom clicks – those groups of socially leveled ladies, many of which living in the same subdivisions, who belong to the middle-class country clubs they can’t afford, who belong to little social groups they create, who insist their daughters cheerlead in order to spread and grow their clicks – shutting out the majority of people and children in their towns. These women make bows for the soccer teams’ ponytails and arrange social gatherings for the teams, who sit together at games and practices, and who shun, yes, I mean thoroughly and totally shun, all of those who are not one of them. I am shunned. I am no married and that simply won’t do, and I am far too direct and deliberate, but I know these women. They hate or at least disrespect their husbands. They are cruel to their children and fundamentally don’t like them either. They want perfection. They seek social admiration. They want silent and sterilized children and homes. They are the queens of artificiality down to the absurdly large and unaffordable donations to schools to ensure grades remain, way above average. They are professional schemers and skilled at removing families from soccer teams whom they believe diminish their status. They recognize their shallowness and they plan in groups to rid themselves of knowing parties. They are really something to watch. As they begin targeting their victims, they become nicer and nicer toward them. However, these women are mean and invisible as shrink-wrap.

The next chapter is called Entitlements, this is another beautiful chapter.

Here is an honest short excerpt:

Women know they spend incessantly on themselves – clothing, beauty regimens, jewelry, restaurants, shoes, purses, make-up, decorating, entertainment toys for children (big kid pacifiers), trinkets and hired help. It’s all about self-worship, self-loathing, and boredom. We can be frank, can’t we?

Nancy put together a list of what she thinks people should and should not be entitled to. I will post the excerpt of the list of what she thinks people should not be entitled to. However, it’s safe to say that American Women believe they are entitled to all of these things and will even go as far as making false charges if they don’t get their way.

A free ride
Dictatorship, which means getting your way all the time
Financial conning
A belief that your life or lifestyle is above anyone else’s – class conflict has always, always, always led to wars.
Servants- You can always ask for or hire help, but if keep hired servants on a weekly basis, you need to think again. I don’t care who you are. The message and the division between master and servant is to dark and great and has caused seething and undercurrents of hatred throughout history. In America, can we please stop with servants!! There might be 10,000 people in the entire country who actually need staffs of people to help them on a daily basis, but no one needs servants in suburbia. NO ONE.

Now I have gotten close to half way in Part 1, stay tuned there is more to come.