Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cultural Devastation of American Women Part 1

This is a very good book and I highly recommend buying it. I did lengthy summaries on it last month because a couple of members requested it. Even hardcore anti-feminists after reading the summaries have said that American Women are even worse than I ever imagined.

Here is a start on the summary of The Cultural Devastation of American Women.

The book is 180 pages and is divided into three different sections The Children, The Culture, and Self Definition. The first two sections (130 pages) are explosive and beautiful rants about the current behavior of American Women. The last section was ok but had a lot of boring parts but there some decent parts as well. However, I will only focus on the first two sections because that was where most of my interest was in. The third section was mainly telling the American Woman “how to redefine herself and talks about a lot of fun hobbies she enjoys doing.

Part 1 is the Children (Nancy Levant has had a daycare center for around 13 years)

The first chapter in the book is Today’s Mom’s

The three things that she notices about today’s modern American Women are
1) They are too tired
2) They are not cooking
3) They are self absorbed

She promises the reader that there will be many more lists to come.

Nancy is furious (rightfully so) about the fact that her daycare kids don’t eat vegetables and their American Moms would only feed them fast food without ever preparing them a nutritious home cooked meal.

Here is an excerpt from page 19 in the chapter called Today’s Mom’s

I have had one and two-years-olds arrive at seven o’clock in the morning holding zip-lock baggies full of chips, Cheetos, M&M’s, sugar pencils, Skittles, potato sticks, cream pies, brownies and Reese’s Pieces. I’ve had at least 200 children come in the morning with fries from the previous night’s dinners and sweet rolls and mini donuts from gas station mini marts. I’ve had two and three-year-olds arrive with Coke, Mountain Dew, and root beer in baby bottles and sippy cups. I’ve had hundreds of children arrive with fast food breakfasts.

When Nancy questioned the kids who were old enough to respond what they had for dinner last night. She reports that 90% of the kids were getting fed Pizza, Taco Bell, Mc Donald’s, or macaroni and cheese.

Here is another excerpt

I’ve had parents of four, five, and six-month-old-infants, whose babies cry all night in hunger, demand that I not feed their babies any baby food or cereal because their babies might then only take formula with food. Hello? I’ve had babies and toddlers vomit apple juice and milk because they only drink carbonated drinks.

If you guys think that this only applies to poor and uneducated women. You better think again. Here is a story about a two-year-old daughter of a multi millionaire.
This is another excerpt

I’ve had a two-year-old child of a multi-millionaire come to daycare everyday with a satchel full of at least eight different bags full of different candies, chips, and snacks, and I was instructed to let her eat them when she liked during the day. Of course, the child ate all eight bags of treats, and was lethargic at the end of the day. Her mother thought her lethargy was due to playing when, in fact, the child never, ever, moved off the couch because she was physiologically ill with sugar peaks and valleys.

Then Nancy goes on and rants about women spending $6,000-$7,000 in family expenses on self-adoration. This includes Hair, Nails, Tans, Make-up, Botox, bleached teeth, Gym Memberships (This expense in my opinion is acceptable), and Personal Trainers. Here is an article on the no marriage site about the type of personal trainers they would go see. nomarriage.com/women_cheating2.shtml These expense don’t even include Liposuction, Implants, and Veneers.

Nancy goes off an yet again another beautiful rant. Here is another excerpt.

How, you may ask, does that equate to my daycare business? Actually, in many, many ways – first and foremost, the message to female children is, frankly repulsive. Secondly, the message to our male children about females is significantly repulsive and, thirdly the fact that average, middle class women have bought into Hollywood-style looks and grooming is shallow, dangerous, financially irresponsible, and makes American women look like shallow twists to the rest of the hungry world. In a nutshell, we have become so engaged in act of self-adoration that we are losing respect from the youngest members of our society, our children, to the oldest members of the entire world.

One last rant I will cover in this chapter is where Nancy was taking care of a child for 10 to 12 hours. Instead of coming to Nancy’s home to pick up her child, nurture it, and nourish her child with healthy food, The child’s mother called after her working hours to see if it was ok for her to stop by to get her nails done, or her make-up re applied, or a tan, or stop at the gym for an hour before picking up her child.

Well guys this may look like I covered the section of The Children. However, I have only covered a seven page chapter called Today’s Moms. There is 17 chapters or 65 pages to go before I make it to section two called the Culture