Friday, April 2, 2010

What Divorce Law is Doing to Marriage Part 17

More from the words of Jed Abraham

At your deposition, your wife’s lawyer will take every opportunity to rattle you. She will ask you the names of your children’s teachers, and you won’t know them all. She will ask you the names of your children’s favorite foods, and you won’t know them all. She will ask you the names of your children’s friends, and you won’t know them all. She will ask, “You don’t really care who they are, do you?” Your lawyer will nicely object to the form of the question because you can’t know whether to answer the “you don’t” or the “do you,” and if it’s the “you don’t,” then neither a “yes” nor a “no” will reveal whether you do or you don’t.

There will be no judge at the deposition, only a court reporter who puts you under oath and take it all down. So the lawyers will furiously fight out their differences and run up the bill. Your lawyer will prepare you to expect a hard time. He will brief you about the kinds of questions to expect. But he will miss those about your children’s teachers, foods and friends. So when your wife’s lawyer asks you these same questions again at trial and you give all the right answers there, she will be able to show that you first learned them after the deposition. From this the judge will clearly see that you’re a very bad parent, and you don’t deserve to have custody of your children.

You will find out at work that your wife has been on the horn again. She’s phoned your buddies and told them that she wants to save you from a terrible fall. She’s told them that you refuse to acknowledge you have no chance of getting custody of the children after the way you mistreated them. She’s worried that your putting them through a trial will harm them irreparably; the way things are going, they may never want to speak to you again. She wants your buddies to convince you to stop the insanity before it’s too late. Your buddies aren’t stupid. But she sounds so sincere. And you sound so shrill.

Mommy says that soon we won’t have to see you any more if we don’t want to, your children will tell you one Sunday. Mommy says she doesn’t ever want you to give us baths ever again!

Your heart will start pounding.
Why doesn’t she want that?
Because you touch us in our privates.
Privates? Where did you learn such a big word?
Aw, come on Daddy, they will tease you. You know what privates are!
What are they?
They are boys’ things and girls’ things. And Mommy says you shouldn’t touch us there when you give us baths!.
What else does Mommy say?
Mommy says you shouldn’t let us see your privates.
When did you see my privates?
When you gave us baths.
How did you see them?
What did they look like?
They looked like the privates that Dr. Karl showed us. Did you let Dr. Karl see your privates too?

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