Monday, April 5, 2010

Sex Ploytation Part 35

Part 35

"Most women want to sit on their asses and do nothing all day, and get paid a lot of
money. It's why they want to marry rich men."

"I hate working with women. They're indirect about everything, they can't make a
decision, and they think with their emotions. There was a woman at our office who didn't
know how to run a computer program, and instead of asking for help, she cried at her
desk for two hours. Then she quit."

"Men and women belong together. Why don't they stop the bullshit and start acting like
decent human beings!"

"Women don't want equality. They want dominance and control."

"Ever hear of a men's shelter? Women just want to be coddled."

"If you make a decision without consulting her, you're a sexist pig. But if she makes a
decision without consulting you, she's a liberated woman."

"The problem with women is, they don't think for themselves. Some dyke feminist wacko
goes on Oprah and tells them that men are bad, so men are bad."

"Women aren't victims. They're victimizers."

"Women think with their hormones, not with their brains. If you ask a man what time it is,
he'll look at a clock and tell you. If you ask a woman, she'll start telling you about the
pretty watch she saw in a store window."

"They're all saying now, `I don't need a man. I earn my own money'. But do you see them
reaching for the check? Do you see them stepping into the line of fire when there's danger?
No, they just stand there and wait for a man to solve their problems. And then if you don't,
they sneer, `What ever happened to chivalry?"'

"I'll hold open a door for a woman and she'll scowl at me. I'll smile at a woman as I pass
her on the street and she'll have this look on her face like I'm trying to rape her. This is
just common courtesy. The feminists have got women's minds so fucked up that they
can't even be pleasant people anymore. Next time I'll let the door slam in the broad's facesee
if she likes that better."

"I wish women would treat me as a sex object."

"I heard a feminist slogan that says, `What part of `no' don't you understand?' That's easythe
part that means `yes'."

"Women scorn men as violent, as hunters. But you don't see them turning down the

"Women's biggest problem is growing up reading Cosmopolitan and all the other crap
you see in the check-out line. Sometimes I'll read the covers of these things. It's, `How To
Find A Rich Man Who Isn't A Jerk' and `How To Tell If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On
You'. Just unbelievable. No wonder they're so screwed up!"

"Women should be walking around with an IV alcohol drip all day. It might make them

"If a woman lives off a man, she's a homemaker. If a man lives off a woman, he's a bum.
Very sexist."

"If a man gets a promotion ahead of a woman, it's favoritism. But if she gets ahead of a
man, it's equal opportunity."

"Have you seen these soft drink ads where the women cluster around a window to see the
hunk take his shirt off? Turn that around. What if it were men staring at a woman? It
would be like World War III with these feminists. But don't they realize that the women's
ad is incredibly sexist?"

"What all women need is a good fucking."