Monday, April 5, 2010

Sex Ploytation Part 33

Part 33

Now I'm covering "The Man on the Street Section"

"A woman I was dating told me that women earn only 80% of what a man makes. So I
told her fine, you can pay 80% of your half of the bills. She dumped me. I guess
feminism is okay when the money's coming in, but not when it's going out."

"Women seem to think that men are intimidated by intelligent women. For what possible
reason? Intelligence is what I'm always looking for in women. It makes for interesting
conversations. But most of them want to go shopping instead of to the library."

"I saw this book, 10 Stupid Things Women Do To Mess Up Their Lives. That's a little
short, isn't it? It should be an encyclopedia."

"We used to call it petting. Now they call it date rape. Women expect you to spend
money on them, but no sex in return. If you touch them, they yell rape and sue you, and
get even more money."

"Women have it so easy in this country. They can do anything they want and get away
with it. Look at Tammy Faye Bakker. Wasn't she just as guilty as her husband? He goes
to jail while she skates and has a great time. Or how about Loreena Bobbitt? She cuts her
husband's dick off, and her only punishment is "psychological observation". If John
Bobbitt had cut one of Loreena's breasts off, he'd be rotting in jail right now."

"I've gone out with several women who make more money than I do, and who are always
going on and on about how they're getting screwed by men, and they jump on you if you
call them a `girl' instead of a `woman', and all this feminist bullshit. But I'm always
expected to pick up the check. If they're such great feminists, why don't they put their
money where their mouth is?"

"The same broads who scream at men for reading Penthouse and watching X-rated
movies will go to one of those male strip clubs and stuff dollar bills in some guy's
jockstrap. How can they go through life being so hypocritical?"

"These feminists are a joke. They're just as greedy as the rest of them, but they don't have
the looks to get a man."

"When a woman turns off sex and her boyfriend has an affair, she blames him. When she
doesn't have the brains or the guts to make it in the business world, she says it's because
men oppress her. When she stuffs her face with chocolate and junk food and gets fat and
men don't want her anymore, it's because men are shallow. Nothing is ever her fault. Men
are always to blame."