Monday, April 5, 2010

Sex Ploytation Part 15

Here is the last part of Man on the Street

"Women say they want a sensitive guy, then go for a bastard with cash. Put your love
where your mouth is."

"I know a woman in her fifties, gray hair, out of shape, built like a box, bad attitude. On a
scale of 1 to 10, she's at best a 5. But she tells me that she's only going to date men 20
years younger with a lot of cash. And she's serious! What does she possibly have to offer?
I just can't believe how arrogant women are. They all think, I've got a pussy and every
guy wants it. Sure, every guy wants it when you're a young babe, but not when you're an
old prune. These women are dreaming."

"I was at a restaurant and I happened to strike up a conversation with a couple of women
at the next table. We talked for a while, and then one of them said to me `Why don't you
buy us dinner?'. Just like that, like it was the most natural thing in the world. just because
I was talking to them I was supposed to pay for their time. What arrogance! So I said to
her, `Sure, if you give me a blow job in the parking lot'. Of course they got all pissed off
and huffed out of there. That's when I realized, women are just takers."

"I waited for all my friends to get married so I could see what happened. All these guys
are paying through the nose, and their hair's turned gray from stress. First the blow jobs
disappeared, then sex altogether. And all their wives do is complain-I want a bigger
house, a nicer car. These guys are miserable. All I hear from them is, you're lucky you're

"I was having a drink with a couple of my friends and we were having a good time and
this girl comes over and says hi. I figured she wanted to join in the fun. She looked at me
and said, `Want to buy me a drink?' I said sure and bought her one, and she took it and
started to walk away! So I called after her and said, `Hey, aren't you going to stay and
talk?' She said no and kept on walking. From that day on, I've never bought a woman a
drink again. I hate drink whores!"

"When they're on their backs, the meter is running."

"I went out with this chick and she was really flirting-you know what I mean. Touching,
the looks, rubbing her leg against mine, all that stuff. So of course I was turned on, and
when you get excited, you get loose with the cash, because you're thinking, if I don't
spend money, this is going to stop. So I'm wining and dining her, and she invites me back
to her place, and I try to kiss her and she's shocked. `I thought we were just friends,' she
tells me. Well, then why did you take my money, you bitch? Can you believe that? She
knew exactly what she was doing. She had a good time on my money, getting me all
turned on so I'd do it. And she had no intention of following through with sex. Don't these
women have a conscience? This should be against the law."