Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 47

Part 47 Lots of Forms in the next few parts, if you want to skip this, go to Part 52

The Next sub chapter I'm on is called "Big Wedding"

Q. My ex-inlaws couldn't get into a pay toilet
so my parents paid for most of a large and expensive
wedding. With the divorce in progress,
they feel ripped off, too.

A. Very common. Another basic rule states
that the length of the marriage is inversely proportional
to the cost of the wedding.

There are lots forms now Reverene Shannon puts in the book. I will copy and paste them over but it may look sloppy but hopefully they will come out clear.

jjjpBWftCOwrr OF CMJPOMM. oou»m OF
1 Nullity el Marriage
—I Ane- Deaeneslesi IMeet Ueelem CMM
1 RESIDENCE (Dissolution only) I I Petitioner I I fleet cndenl nee been a resident of thai state for el leeet
tnrrCTtt* and of f^cc< lee* three mor«h»lnwriedi^

2 STATISTICAL FACTS • Date o( marriage
b Dele of seperetion:
c. Period between mentege end eeperetlon

i. | | There ere no minor children
b I I The minor children era:
Neme BirtKdele
(1) | | Each child named in 36 it presently living with I I petitioner | | reepondent
end during the last five yeers has lived in no stele other than California end with no person other then
petitioner or respondent or both
Petitioner has not participated in any capacity In eny litigation or proceeding In eny elate concerning
custody of eny minor child of this marriage
Petitioner net no mformetion of any pending custody proceeding or of eny person net a perty to this
proceeding who has physical custody or claims to have custody or visitetlon rights concerning eny minor
child of this merrlage.
12) I I A completed Declaration Under Uniform Cuttody of Minor* Act I* etteched.

4 L~~l Petitioner requests confi
n of the following as separate assets end ooHgetlone:
Confirm to
(Continued on reverse)

> |—| Then ii» no tuch tttett 01 obligations subtect to dltpotltion by the oourt In (him proceeding,
b | | All iuch assets and obligations have been dlepoeed ot by written agreement
c | | All such atsets «"d obiigat ions are Hated In ttw property declaration to bt tiled with IMa petition
d | | All tuch uMit end obligations art llttad below:

6 Petitionw requettt
> | | Dissolution ol the marriage bated on
<1> I I irreconcilable difference* CC 4508(1)
(2) I I incurable insanity CC 4506(2)
o | 1 Legal separation of the parties based on
(1) | I irreconcilable difference! CC 4508(1)
(2) | | incurable insanity CC 4506(2)
c I I Nullity ol void marriage bated on
(1) I I incestuous marriage CC4400
(2) I I bigamous marriage CC4401
d. | I Nullity ol voidable marriage baaed or
(1) l~n petitioner's age at time ol
marriage CC 442Vi)
(2) I 1 prior eiletlngma/rleee
CC 4429(b)
(3) I I untound mind. CC 442VC,
(4) Q fraud. CC442S(d|
(5) I I force. CC 4425(e)
(6) I I physical Incapacity
CC 4429(1)

7 Petitioner requests that the court giant the relief or judgment specified In Item «, make in|unctive and other
orders as may be proper, and that
a I I Child custody be awarded
(1) Legal custody
(a) I I Joint to petitioner and respondent
(biQSoielo Q petitioner I I respondent [ | other (tefcllyl
(2) Physical custody
(a) I [ Joint to petitioner and respondent
(bin Sole to Q petitioner I I reapondeni [ | other ftpectfy):
b | | Child visitation rights be granted ttpfcilyl
c | | Child support be awarded j 1 petitioner | | retpondent
a I I Spousal support be awaroed I I petitioner | I retpondent
e. | | PropeMy rights be determined
f I I Attorney s fees and costs be awarded | | petitioner | | retpondent
g I I Wife s former name ae restored npfciiyi

I declare under penally of perjury under the laws of the Stale of California thai the forttoini u
true and correct and thai this declaration is executed on