Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 46

Part 46

The next subchapter I'm on is called "No More Mr. Nice Guy"

Q. What is the basic rule to remember during
a divorce?

A. No more Mr. Nice Guy. If you disregard
this rule when divorcing a predatory female,
she'll interpret it as weakness and not only
skin you alive initially, but return, maybe
years later, for another piece of your hide.

The next subchapter I'm on is called "Bobbing and Weaving"

Q. Can anything be done to frustrate the
process server?

A. Very little. If you hold a regular job and
participate in the functions of society, you'll
eventually be served. It's sometimes advisable
to authorize your attorney to accept service,
as process servers often employ devious or
illegal means in accomplishing their task.
Moreover, at this stage of your marital experience,
the jaws of jurisprudence have already
closed upon your genitals, encouraging humble
submission. Your only remaining option is
to take the least painful way out.

The next subchapter I'm on is called "Instruments of Surrender"

Q. What will I receive from the process

A. He will either hand or throw you a bundle
of legal forms, some examples of which are
reproduced on the following pages. They represent
a joint public announcement by a predatory
female and the matriarchal society of
your impending trial, sentencing, and overall
humiliation. That you will be found "guilty"
is never in question. From this point on, you
should expect to be treated much like a
criminal. Your friends and neighbors will
begin avoiding you. You may be ordered to
stay away from your home and the immediate
community. There may be a motion to order
you examined by a psychiatrist—naturally at
your expense. A court appointed accountant
may arrive at your place of work to examine
the company books, your payroll records,
and possibly even your personal banking
records. A new feeling invades your body, the
deep down gut sense of being a fugitive. You
are restrained from seeing your own children
at other than specified times. Marriage assumes
a new meaning to you. The following
legal forms are provided as further introduction
to divorce, a growth industry. Although
from California, they are representative of
most states. Look them over; digest their
message. Imagine the joy of having to fill out
the Income & Expense Declaration, maybe
several times! You might see these forms, or
similar ones, repeatedly over the years—even
after your divorce is final—if your wife
decides (like thousands of others) to sue for
more money.