Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 35

Part 35

The next subchapter I'm on is called "slavery"

Q. Is slavery the natural state of man?

A. History teaches that spiritual, mental, and
physical slavery is the natural state of man.
Freedom, like a garden, must be constantly
tended. Vigilance, always the price of liberty,
is highly recommended where the predatory
female is concerned. Marriage is a form of
slavery, even for the predatory female, and
with its tricky packaging, very dangerous.

Q. Do you blame women for the ruin of millions
of men through the marriage mill?

A. No. The astounding fact is that men have,
of their own free wills, chosen this path to
destruction. Like Adam in the Garden, they
picked slavery over the prospect of being
alone. They have been led en masse, by the
genitals, chortling and gurgling like morons,
to their own damnation. They must wear the
ball and chain of holy matrimony and eventually
accept that they are no longer the masters
of their homes or futures. Most have little
chance of ever being deprogrammed.

The next sub chapter I'm covering is called "Guilt"

Q. How does the predatory female use guilt
to manipulate males?

A. Guilt is one of the predatory female's
most powerful tools. With guilt, she keeps her
victims on the defensive. She uses it on males
from a young age, at the outset of dating, to
control them. She is surprised at how eagerly
they accept this charade. She makes them feel
guilty about simply wanting sex, a basic, primal
urge. Once successful at that, the pattern
is set. Cultivating a habit of making men feel
apologetic about their wants, sexual or otherwise,
she assumes the aristocrat roleexpecting
things done for her—and silently
demands that her male companion take the
role of butler, chauffeur, valet, and financial
benefactor. The male, while simultaneously
suffering from a guilt trip and nurturing a
sniveling desire to get laid, is delighted to pick
up the tab. Often this process continues until
she has him backed into a psychological corner
where he sees his only redemption as
marriage. Her acceptance of his proposal is a
pardon from his guilt feelings and somehow
justifies, in his confused mind, the indignities
he's suffered for occasional sexual rewards.
Both the predatory female and organized religion
have used guilt as a method of control
for thousands of years.

The next sub chapter is called "Self Protection"

Q. What can I do to immunize myself against

A. Several things:
• Go to any pawn shop and look at all the
used wedding rings for sale.
• Decide if you really want to be a guest
in your own home.
• Look at the mother of your prospective
bride. This could be your wife in about
twenty years. Ask yourself, "Do I want
to get her permission to spend my
money? Do I want her to have a large
claim against my retirement? Do I want
to sleep with and wake-up next to this
old woman?'*
• Seek a neutral, disinterested individual
and try to explain to him what YOU are
gaining from marriage. Think: Oh,
wonderful! She has agreed to marriage.
She agrees to let me support her for
the rest of my life and to let my
estate support her afterwards. How
Drive to the parking lot of any large discount
store selling household items.
Observe what comes waddling out the
door. Notice the man in the checkered
shorts and jap-slaps following a large
woman and three kids. He is carrying
an arm load of potted plants, plumbing
aids, disposable diapers, and a box of
flea collars. Try and picture yourself in
that role.
Ask yourself if you really want to support
any woman, and possibly some
other members of her family, for the
rest of your years. Contrast the joy of
financially helping a friend with the
possibility of being FORCED to pay,
FORCED to support someone who
hates you but greedily takes your money
and wants more.
Imagine selected members of her family,
especially her mother, living with
you for six months.
Think about how vindictive and irrational
an angry woman can be; recall
that husbands may now be prosecuted
for allegedly raping their own wives!
• Have your attorney lecture you for half
an hour on the legal obligations and
drawbacks of marriage. Consider his
fee a bargain.