Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How I make my life work Part 7

Dogwild writes

Interesting post, mulder, but I agree with dogwild on porn.

I view it as no worse than 'utilizing' a hooker.

Better, in fact.

When one feels 'that contemptible biological urge' all one needs to do is 'look at the computer screen' at whatever flavor of porn tickles your pickle.

Tickle aforementioned pickle, be done with everything in 5-10 minutes and then back to more worthwhile things.

This all has to do with the valuing of my time vs spending tons of hours chasing & dating women that the OP talked about.

I've read tons of stuff on related forums that some figure it's better and more satisfying to have real sex because of hormonal transfer, etc.

The ol' spanky the wanky certainly won't help replenish the world's population either, but then like Tom Leykis used to put it, the poor and the dumb are doing more than their fair share.

As Irlandes frequently reminds us, to each his own and everyone will ultimately go his own way..

Kestrel writes

Great post Fox! +1 for you from me as well!

You are 100% dead on. Like DeBeers with diamonds, AW/WW right now through the use of the law (aka threat of government violence) to hold a false monopoly on pussy. They fear prostitution because it breaks that monopoly and the true market price of pussy will be revealed, which is far lower than these self-entitled creatures would want to admit or accept.

To that, I add that in my experience (not in my opinion, but real life actual experience), porn is not the same as seeing a girl (whether one pays for her or not). Maybe it's the missing pheromones, the smell, the touch of another person, who knows, but I know and my body knows its different and responds accordingly.

If you use porn, you may have an orgasm that's generally okay but then you feel agitated very soon after, as if there is something missing, whereas if you are with a girl, there is a certain calmness that lasts for days that you don't get through porn. That's about as best as I can describe.

The huge shock for me was, I used to think that "missing" part was "love", but now after visiting an SP, I know it's not.

The way I see it, paying a girl for sex is one of the most honest transactions that can happen between a man and a woman. Both peoples' agendas are laid out straight forwardly and honestly, there are no deceptions or illusions (unless you're paying for one ) both people get what they want and there are no extraneous obligations attached to the deal. No lies and an open, honest exchange of value for value. Pure and simple.

Superbad writes

i agree kestral. Reich is a must read. "getting into sex" does NOT make us pussies. that missing part is not "love"... it is "uninhibited orgasmic release"... and it is vital for mind and body health. although WOMEN can easily get men they often practice UNHEALTHY sex. Reich says this fuels neurosis: LOOK how PSYCHOTIC most WW have become. prostitution has negative connotations but IMO women with over a handful of sex partners are in a similar league "mentally". women become desensitized. many have sexual dysfunction: they end up militant feminist bitches and gold-diggers who can't figure out what that "stupid" man (or their clitoris) is good for. women are meant to be dominated. take Dworkin, she clearly had mental issues stemming from sex. Reich would even say the West is ripe for fascism. as far as morals: i see marriage as the joining of two souls as blessed by God. i would MUCH rather sin with a girl/hooker and repent than have my soul intertwined with SATAN! kids, don't marry satan mmmkay. my guess: with an escort you CAN relax more... no games and no worrying about "her". seeing as how kestral "came out of the closet" here is my time to share: now in my early 40's i dont care as much about pleasing woman. don't get me wrong it is fun with a NORMAL woman. however, women who need an hour of oral, an hour of banging, the right music, flowers, the moon and stars to be in perfect alignment, etc. to orgasm... can go to hell. their sex problems are not my concern. kestral is right: the experience with a woman (versus porn) is different... NOTE how other women treat you. without fail everytime i have a woman i cannot keep the others away. part pheromones, part them loving to screw each other over too. as we said in college... "feast or famine". with how heinous most American bitches are today... i'm not so sure which is better.

Marcus Aurelius writes

I will concede, more or less, on the issue of porn...because I look at it specifically in two different lenses, in all honesty, in a moral way vs. realism. I will not lie in that I too look at it from time to time...I am no saint haha.

But, the difference is, Augustine viewed masturbation as a more grevious sin, in that it leads to self compulsion. Basically, in a nutshell, what I was saying lust without an object. Essentially, I feel that it, in keeping with Augustine, that it weakens us. It is, in a way like being spoon fed a sweet tasting poison. You will keep drinking it and drinking it until it is too late to stop. When I am without sense gratification, I am trying to cut down as much as possible on the use of porn. It is my opinion that the less one has to think about sex, the better. I read somewhere that the average man thinks about sex every few seconds. Is this a good thing?

So in short, I'm not, as your spiritual adviser hahahahahaha saying to turn of your computers, but, rather don't let it take hold of you. There was that other thread on here about what various traditions said about celibacy. The CLOSER we can arrive at that, though not there in total, the better, for both mind and spirit will be more at peace.