Friday, April 2, 2010

What Divorce Law is Doing to Marriage Part 33

This chapter is called Alimony. Alimony is a 16 page chapter. I will cover the first two paragraphs, then I will be skipping the next 7 pages and I will cover the last 9 pages on full. I am only covering what a man should expect in today’s Feminazi Court System. I will not cover the history although the history is very interesting. Even though I’m putting out most of the material, I still recommend buying a copy of this book yourself.

More from the Words of Jed Abraham

After the court awards sole custody of your children to your ex, it may order you to pay her alimony. In most states, even if the divorce was her fault, even if she has ongoing sexual relations with another man, so long as she’s careful not to marry or set up a household with him, she can get an ongoing share of your income.

At least for a few years. At least until she can raise her earnings to the point where they roughly match the marital standard. And, if after a few years she is not quite able to be entirely on her own, or to marry, she can return to court and ask for more time and more money. At least for a few more years. And if after that she still needs more time and more money, she can return again to court….

You of course, are not entitled to anything more from her.

More on Alimony on next summary. This was page 93; on the next summary I will be skipping to page 101 and cover the rest of the chapter in full from that point.