Monday, April 5, 2010

Sex Ploytation Part 4

Part 4

It is always necessary to judge a woman by her actions, never by her words. All
women lie, especially to themselves. She will swear she has no interest in money, yet
she callously rejects anyone with an unimpressive salary (unless she thinks she can
goad him into a more lucrative career), while offering herself without compromise or
conscience to a big spender with a platinum card, even if she is not physically
attracted to him. In our era of explosive technology and entrepreneurial freedom,
many "nerds" are capable of generating fortunes, and where there is easy prey, there
are cunning predators. Dating and marriage, once voyages of discovery and
partnership, have become nothing more than sexual blackmail. Few women want to
put forth the hard work and sacrifice it requires to earn significant amounts of capital;
instead they demand a large payoff just because they are biologically female.
It is one thing to live off a man, but quite another to deny it. The intricacy of a
woman's self-deceit is astounding and complex, and while she may secretly be aware
of her calculating motivations, she will rigorously defend herself against any invasion
of the truth. She believes in her personal innocence and virtue, camouflaging her
prostitution with such euphemisms as "I'm looking for a professional man" or "I don't
care how much money a man makes, but he has to have a status job" or "I don't need a
man's money-I have my own money" (while she's toiling away at an unskilled job,
lives in a dilapidated apartment, and is insanely jealous of any woman she knows
who's married to a doctor or a lawyer). The articles and advertisements in the
magazines she reads offer her no instruction about how to be successful at work with
business skills (this is the province of men's publications); instead, they teach her how
to more profitably merchandise herself with cosmetics, clothing, and locating herself
where the rich men are. She lies to herself whenever she rejects a man without a
"good" job, because if she didn't, she would have to admit that his income is all she
really cares about. She would be forced to admit to herself that she's a whore.
So if a man were to offer her a hundred dollars to go to bed with him, she would be
outraged and morally offended. But if he were to spend the same amount at an upscale
restaurant, she might-if he slavishly succumbed to her hypocritical game-allow him to
have sex with her. In either case, the deal is the same-her body for cash-but by
accepting a meal instead of dollars, she can sugarcoat the transaction with "romance",
thus enabling her to perpetuate her "I'm a nice girl" fantasy. A man will not get laid
until a woman has convinced herself that she is not a whore-that is, until she has
forced him to pretend that he has no sexual interest in her, while simultaneously
paying an exorbitant price for her company.
But what if her date took her out for a fast-food hamburger, or worse yet, logically
used a coupon? Supposedly, in her mind, since she believes she's not trading sex for
money, it shouldn't make any difference. The point would be to simply enjoy the
company of her escort. But woe to him, even if he's the nicest guy on the planet. She
would instantaneously brand him as "cheap" and "having no class" and never see him
again, all the while continuing to persuade herself that a man's personality is far more
important than the thickness of his wallet. And sex would not even have crossed her
mind. Her date would have committed the blackest of sins-by taking her to an
inexpensive restaurant, he has implied that her body isn't worth very much. A man will
always have to pay and pay dearly-to be allowed to enter her bed.