Monday, April 5, 2010

Sex Ploytation Part 19

Part 19

This subchapter is called "The Price of Love"

A woman does not consider a social encounter a date unless the man pays for the evening.
She will only offer to pay her fair share if she isn't sexually interested and doesn't want to
be "obligated" (proving that she in truth knows that she's trading her body for money).
Women justify such robbery by rationalizing that whoever asks for the date should pick
up the check, but they conveniently never extend such invitations. This rather selfindulgent
logic serves her well: being pandered to is her reason for living. She loves
glamour and excitement, but expects someone else to fund her good time when the bill
arrives she daintily looks the other way. The world is a magical place; everything is free
as long as she keeps sticking out her chest. In her solipsistic universe she may even
imagine herself to be a feminist, trying desperately to be independent in a "man's world",
but this is a narrow-minded conceit-she has become too accustomed to getting something
for nothing. A dating woman lives the unwholesome existence of a parasite, feasting on
another's healthy blood.

The more a man pays, the more a woman dreams of "romance"-a pizza and a beer credit
up many less romantic points than a weekend in Paris. Love is money. But her avarice
blinds her to a more optimistic reality: true romance is an exchange of intimacies between
two people passionately in sync with one another. It can occur anywhere, just by having a
conversation, with no compensation exchanged. When women deny and withhold their
sexuality, they are effectively road blocking the path to true love. Jetting to France is a
magic carpet ride, not heartfelt emotion, although the difference doesn't matter to the
average woman. The pathetic truth is that such an expensive adventure only serves to
underwrite her narcissism, and reassures her that her vagina-the ultimate source of her
self-image-can't be bought cheaply.

So long as she's munching pepperoni, she'll still be the ball-buster, forcing her date to
jump through her mental hoops; but the instant she boards the jet, she'll start to unbutton
her blouse. A high enough price has already been paid-she doesn't have to deceive herself