Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 6

Part 6

The next subchapter is called "The Primal Woman"

Q. Are the young women of America a collection
of scheming mercenaries?

A. Hardly. The majority are only doing what
comes naturally and what they've been taught
by their mothers. That is to manipulate the
multitudes of hapless men who continue to
rush eagerly into servitude as they have for
thousands of years. Usually her scheming is
minimal, and indeed, when she behaves naturally,
when she relies wholly upon her primordial
instincts, she is most effective. The primal
woman is so beguiling and disarming that she
is infinitely dangerous.

This subchapter is called "The Supernatural"

Q. Why do you equate associating with a
predatory female to dabbling in the black

A. It is one of mankind's strongest historical
parallels. In the Garden of Eden, it was Eve
who had the rapport with the Serpent. The
Witch at Endor was a woman. Ancient literature,
like Homer, expresses the supernatural
leanings of females. Nothing has changed.
For example, a modern predatory female has
the uncanny ability to track you, in person or
by phone, to the remotest parts of the earth.
When you begin to fraternize with a woman,
you are taking the first steps in a ritual mating
dance that, if allowed to progress, will result
in your moving about the floor in a semicomatose
state until you are fleeced of your
money, property, and peace of mind. A predatory
female will study you. She learns to
know what you are thinking. She begins the
strongest primeval death grip known to

Q. Can reading this book cause problems
with a current lover?

A. Reading and comprehending The Predatory
Female results in "knowing too much"
by the standards of a predatory female.
Unless you are able to conceal your knowledge,
she will discover you and recoil like a
vampire from a crucifix.

The next subchapter is called The Real Lesson in the Garden

Q. What is the real lesson in the garden?

A. Adam and Eve were instructed not to eat
the fruit of the tree. The Devil evidently studied
both humans to find which would be easiest
to tempt, the least stable. Consequently,
Eve was tricked into eating the fruit. But
remember, Eve was tricked; Adam was not.
The real lesson is that Adam, seeing the banishment
of Eve, purposely gobbled the fruit
because he couldn't stand to be without her.
Rather than be left alone, he skulked to the
tree, and, with both eyes wide open, munched
his way to damnation. History's first grovel.
Adam groveled to avert loneliness. Even
today, thousands of men are flushing their
lives and fortunes, usually into the marriage
mill, to avoid being left by, or without, a