Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Manipulated Man Part 10

Women's Liberation Part 7

The most curious of all counter movements came from a faction within Women’s Liberation itself: “We don’t want men’s jobs,” these women protested. “If all women start to work now, we will soon have an economic crisis. What we want is not to be degraded as eunuchs any longer, we want to evolve freely and we don’t want man to suppress our intellectual development and our sexual drive any more.”

This argument is curious not only because woman now holds man responsible also for her crippled sexual drive (he who likes nothing better than a woman who thinks sex is fun). It also makes obvious for the first time how foreign it is to a woman to think that she could support her family. It would never occur to her that women do not necessarily cause an economic crisis when they enter a profession. Working women would not necessarily increase the absolute number of employed persons within their community. Whether women can work does not have to depend on the existence of day-care centers, since the quality of child care does not depend on the sex of the person administrating it. Fathers could manage that work as well.

But for a woman work has to be fun, and to made sure it is, the employed wife needs a working husband. If she goes to work, she might as well make some demands, and one of these demands will be that she can choose her work and quit any time she feels like it. So she brings her newborn child to a day center rather than lose her working partner and before her profession can turn into an obligation and responsibility, she quits, rather than allow her husband to stay home in her place.

Women’s Liberation has failed. The story of the underprivileged woman was an invention – and against an invention one cannot stage a rebellion. Once again, men are the mourners. In a country where man is exploited unscrupulously by women as in the US, a movement that fights are yet more of women’s rights is reactionary and, as long as the screaming for female equality does not stop, man will never get the idea that he is actually the victim.

Even the emancipation of women has not been attained. “Liberation of women” would mean her abdication from the privileges she now has. It was Women’s Liberation that made sure that this would never happen.

”It is better to let them thing that they are king of the castle,” a female of Psychology Today wrote, “lean and depend on them and continue to control and manipulate them as we always have.”

This concludes Manipulated Man, Sex Ploytation will be covered next and it will be covered in full since I have the internet copy and all I have to do is copy and paste.